Lag, lightbulb moments and videotape

Module #2 student on his way…

Mod 7 soon Graduate:

Two months into ABS:

[youtube]- YouTube

That is quite the transformation. Club shaft already looks very close to on plane and no goat humping. Get him going on post-pivot acceleration and that flip will be long gone.

Mod 2 student applying the Snead Squat and proper ground pressures.

Module #3 student:

What is PV5. I have no idea about this things. I have small knowledge about this things. I hope you will discuss about it in your reply.

Pv5 is our finish position with the club shaft vertical and perpendicular to the ground. In Module 3 we learn to bring our club from the P4 position (club shaft parallel after the ball) to the high finish with a strong pivot.

Module #2 Graduate

First time we’ve won the league in 25 years.


Congrats! Great to see!