Knee injury

O Mod 2, be aware, for older golfers (40 + years) that this may contribute to potential knee injury.

You might want to do Mod 2 less often or modify it. I tore my meniscus in my left knee. I need to get knee surgery. I’m not certain Mod 2 caused my knee injury. My doctor said the meniscus gets easily torn as we get older, just from daily activity. The meniscus is already thin and as we age it’s gets more brittle. In addition, my gym workout may have cause the injury because I was doing jumping and sprinting.

Injuries are a pain in the ass for sure!

Just being curious here. Have you within the past 6 months been on an antibiotic within the fluoroquinolone class- like Cipro, Levaquin, Levofloxocin, etc.- for an infection?

How much stretching or mobility work do you regularly do?

I’m not on any anti-biotics.

I do not stretch. Most of the research I’ve read indicates stretching does nothing, except make you more prone to injury - read this

But I do mobility, e.g., swing 3 clubs, air squats and lunges