Kinovea - Video Analysis Software

Not sure where to put this thread. Some of you may or may not heard about this yet, but a buddy of mine told me about this sport video analysis software. I was messing around on it and its very nice. You can do side by side video, drawings, photo snaps, etc… Cool thing is its free to use and very user friendly. This is by far the best one i used so far and i have tried many others (free versions).

Anyways if you are interested. Here is the link.



Thanks for the heads up! I just downloaded it and I’m already very happy with the features I have seen thus far. I especially like the side by side. :stuck_out_tongue:

Your Welcome! One thing i recommend everyone to do for the drawings is to:

1.) click on “Options” at top in the menu bar
2.) Click on preferences
3.) Click on Drawings button
4.) Click on the Persistence Tab
5.) Then Check box “Always Visible”
6.) Then hit “save”

This will keep your drawings visible thru out the whole video. If this option is not turned on, your drawings will only show for a few frames and then disappear.

This looks good…I use V1 A LOT, and it annoys me that I cant do a split screen comparison on the free version!

Thanks for this!


I hear ya! A lot of the progs i tried can be glitchy. I just started messing with Kinovea yesterday, so im slowing finding features on it (they seem to have alot). So far i found you can sync two videos together side by side and you can also save a sequence of photos. This will be good for displaying a swing sequence in image format. Also the observational references are nice, such as the protractor, hexaxial, clock with degrees, etc…

Looks pretty interesting. I have V1 Home Edition, but this looks like a good alternative for free.

First impression, it’s definitely much more feature rich than V1…especially for a free utility. I really like it so far.


I’ve used maybe about 10 such programs and hated most, including V1.

I use CSwing and Dartfish purely because of their ‘live’ functionality. I never draw lines. I place a microphone is placed near the ball, I swing away then look at the laptop and automatically see the swing repeat. No starting and stopping cameras, no laptop keypresses. Just like a time-delayed mirror.

I see that pre-roll recording is on the wish list for Kinovea (a prerequisite of hit detection) so it could be coming in the future.

Great program, especially being free. I’ve been using it for a few months now.