Kill Bill / Hanzo sword

Sorry, could not embed this link. Rewatching Taratino’sKill Bill the other night, a golfer’s relationship with equipment came to mind during the part of the movie where the bride,Uma Thurman, travels to Okinawa to acquire a special Samari sword (Honzo),that will be the instrument of her revenge. This scene shows the reverence attached to the sword after its month long creation, with a ceremony to hand it over from its maker to Thurman.

The mailman brought my Lag-certified(Honzo) Bounce Soles yesterday, found on the /ag-Bay thread. My mind is in a similar state of Thurman’s as she received her sword.

( the movie may not be PC, but its a good one nonetheless)

Lucky You! I wanted that set too haha, but you already snatched it up. Lag says he has a couple more other sets he willing to set up for me, hopefully i can get them soon and get off these mizunos im using now.

Have you hit them yet? How does it feel?


Brandon Peck

Pretty cool Eagle!

But you do realize don’t you, that in Module 11 Lag will be teaching us the 5 point palm exploding heart technique. :sunglasses:


Having only received them yesterday, I am in the phase of staring at them , waggling, hit a few wedges in the yard, sleeping with them, etc. It hits very good and solid. The wedge is 17.1 ounces. Shafts very stiff. These irons have NO offset, and now my eyes realize this is new to them.

It may be where I am in the modules, or a combination/ confluence of circumstances…but it feels like the heaviness actually does promote a what ABS teaches. It’s very hard to overaccelerate these.


Looking forward to module 11. That technique has to be all about “NRG!” ( energy)