Key points for me

-“Elbows pointed at hips bones at address”
I believe the importance of this is to keep the arms from getting ahead in position for the backswing(anticipate impact), which in turn will cause the left arm to over-rotate and elevate the lead shoulder into a position that causes one to get ‘stuck’ or ‘cast over the top’.

-“Waggle”(I believe into a bowed wrist)
I believe the importance of this is to find the plane(path) in which one will rotate on for the shoulders/arms and also get the trailing elbow into position for the backswing/downswing. Very important in order to use the D-plane theory for a fade, draw, high, low, or combination shot.

-“Braced right knee/initial restricted hip turn”
I believe the importance of this is to first keep the swing from swaying, thus losing an accurate low point in the swing. The initial restricted hip turn is there to gather initial tension(not too tight) for the downswing to release from.

-“Cupped wrist”
I believe the importance of this is to not ‘trip the shaft’ into releasing too early(i.e. cast). A cupped wrist allows the ‘free ride’ to happen. The ‘free ride’ is basically maintaining the formation of the arms, but more importantly - the set in the wrists. The ‘free ride’ is meant only as a starter for the release.

-“Release/‘ball pass’”
I believe the release is important because of the weak grip utilized to avoid a ‘hook’. The release should not be forced, like ‘letting’ something that was tight go loose. The ‘ball pass’ is a combination of ‘letting go’ of something, in this case the clubhead doesn’t need to be released until it is in line with the ball.

-“Hips point to the left of the target”
I believe the importance of this is to not finish the swing AT the ball or even right after, but until you are as far away from the impact position as you can.

-“Hip turn”
The leading inner thigh is the stater for the pivot coupled with the back heel.
The leading knee is the backswing gauge. It must not be restricted to move towards the back knee.

-“Shoulder turn/back to the target”
Turning against the ‘restricted hips’, I believe the importance is to help establish an inside path for the downswing.

REVISION 9/15/12

‘Braced set-up’ - First tilt is towards the ball, second tilt is the back knee/hip, active tilt is the front knee.

‘Power stretch’ - distance between left hip and left elbow. The flatter the better.

‘Progressive sequencing’ - From the ‘top/closed’, lead the lead knee into position to -maintain-. Re’connect’ initial ‘knee settings’.

‘takeaway’ - Low clubhead

‘From the top’ - Unload level left


‘Right knee’ braced and angled away from ball in BS
DS - Separate left knee from "angled away’ right knee