Ken Venturi Interview

Came across a link to this portion of a Jim McClain interview of Venturi on another forum and thought it was worth sharing…

Hello CheeseDonkey,

Thank you for sharing this interview with us. Very much appreciated.


Thanks CheeseD. I enjoyed it very much. Inspirational…

Seems like Venturi and Hogan both had a mutual admiration and friendship for each other- you can see how he chokes up in the interview how much Hogan must have meant to him

I read “The Match” about a year ago and it hits a bit on Venturi’s relationship with Hogan and Nelson. Among other things, I really liked Venturi’s discussion of trajectory and how Hogan hated to see a high ball, which fits nicely with Lag’s view of high vs. low shots.

Thanks for posting that…

what a fantastic interview… Venturi was a great player and someone whom I have tremendous respect for. We would be fools not to really listen closely
to what he is saying…

I captured it for our posterity here, as it seems to be threatened to be removed from the web at some point… I have a smaller edited version that will be easier to host on our server and always be readily available for viewing on our forum.

I may make this mandatory viewing for all Advanced Ball Striking Students!

That was a great interview! I never knew of Ken Venturi as a player so when the shot sequence of him was posted on the forum here, I dowloaded it and saved it as, “Ken Venturi sequence Hoganesque” with the intention to go find out more about him. Awesome stuff.


It looks like most if not all parts of the Venturi, Burke, and other interviews are available now (when I originally posted, I think only one or two were open to the public). Great stuff

It would be nice to have all that stuff stored on this server in case it disappears… as that stuff is really priceless.
It’s great McLean did those… We have the space to store them here if anyone is savy enough to download them and get them to me…

i have downloaded them all with internet download manager to hard drive in a flv file…so I have them all saved for now
I can then transfer them to disc and convert to any type format you want…avi, mpg, quicktime and then send you the disc
Anyone else have something that will work better than that?

Just finished watching all three interviews this week. The whole thing was good, but from a hacker’s viewpoint( a non expert), here’s a few things that struck me.
Ken Venturi seems like a truly great guy, top rung of the ladder, even without all his golfing accomplishments. An old coworker had the chance to get to know Venturi off the course over the years at Augusta…couldn’t have said better things about anyone. We’re lucky to have guys like him. There really is something extra special/mystical about golf…part of it is people like him.
He shoots 66 with Byron Nelson, and Nelson tells him the next day there’s 7-8 things he Venturi needs to work on!
“Byron was a good teacher, Ben could tell you what HE was feeling”
Venturi told Hogan he wasn’t DOING what he described in his book( with is elbows)…who else could have done that?
McClean says he’s the best wedge player of he’s seen …that’s something. Apparently shared his know-how with Tom Watson. Said Hogan was better.
He hit 100 drives as part of his practice routine, to exhaustion…I bet he’d like the bag reps!
Venturi says beating balls is not the way to get better…this is in agreement with our modules( Lag’s course).
Venturi often referred to “feeling”, how a hole or shot may or may not “fit his eye”, and “images” ( shortstop throwing to first base) to spark an understading of a concept with a student.
Said Hogan not only hit all the fairways…he hit the CORRECT HALF of the fairway.
“Hit it high to front pins , low to back pins”…“work it right or left, depending on the need”
“Don’t want my driver to know it can hook it” ( uses a 3 wood off the tee when he needs to draw it).
He kept a couple of Hogan quotes about DAILY practice in his wallet. “Every day you take off, it takes that much longer to be good.” Hogan said if he took a day off, it took three days to get the feeling back( he needed a LAG bag!)
How fortunate guy he was/is…had Byron Nelson as his “second father”, and such great friends with Ben Hogan. How fortunate they were.

Cool interviews - nice to see something personal about him. Don’t mean to be a downer but twomasters, I’d be careful about ripping footage. Probably belongs to Venturi or McLean and not sure I’d want to risk that. My two cents.

Timeless videos…I watched them all. Footage you would hate to see lost or hidden from the public. I have to thank Jim Mclean for sharing these without cost.

You are right on the money.
Best to you.

the link to the interviews doesn’t seem to work anymore. does anybody have a link to a saved copy?

From The Vault:

thanks! great interview.

how do i access the vault? i’m on module 4, so i should have access, but i can’t seem to find it.

You should be good on “The Vault”