Just got a set of 1961 Hogan Power Thrusts :)

Been looking for these for a while and just found some. They are in good shape too. Leather grips are still playable. Also got the 1,2 & 3 woods in the set as well… Very excited and look forward to gaming these for years to come.

Here are a couple of pics…
power thrusts.png
power thrust iron.png

Great score KH!!..
Been on the look out for that set !
Glad to see they landed in the hands of someone that will put them to use and not in the collectors case!

Tell us how they work out!


I’m not jealous!

I’m not jealous!!!


Enjoy those beauties Kevin!!

Thanks guys… I have enjoyed hitting them on the range and look forward to taking them out on the course soon. I won’t break your hearts and tell you how much(little) I paid for them. Just suffice it to say it was less than the dinner I took my wife out to last Saturday night :slight_smile:

Congrats. Nice set. I picked up a set of power thrusts today as well. Not sure of the year though. Was told they were 61’s, but they are a bit different than yours. Mine are a bit more on the rusty side too, but still good.

Just saw another post. Mine are 62’s.