Just got 3 sets of Wilsons '73-'75, '84-'86, Button-backs

I am going to put off reshafting the Hogans for a while. I just bought 3 sets of Wilsons and am very pleased so far. I haven’t hit the button-backs yet, but the other two feel perfect. Need to reshaft the '73s, the ones with the removable toe weight, (2-PW), but the '84-'86s(1-PW), which are Staff Tour Blades are good to go. They look used, but well taken care of. The Button-Backs are 1-SW and look like they were barely used. Pristine. Since I was only out in a field, I’ll save them for some actual grass. I think I have found my new clubs.

Sitting in a hotel room and got bored. Someone I bought some clubs off of told me I could touch up the paint on irons using Testors model paint. I need to work on my technique, but it looks pretty good. I didn’t mess with the Precisions other than putting some rust treatment on them.