Josh Broadaway's Cross-handed technique

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This is impressive stuff… I always enjoy golfers who think outside the box.

I’ve been researching cross-handed or as the EU peeps would say cack-handed golf swing and there’s very little content on it. From a bio-mechanical perspective, it does a lot of good things in a swing:

  1. Creates a consistent shallow low point
  2. Sets the club on plane for a 4:30 angle of attack
  3. Inhibits the hands from flipping the clubhead

The Golf Channel “instructor” gives pointers to the cross-handed player then proceeds to duff one using his own technique. :person_facepalming: If there’s anything that irks me with this game is that the “experts” like George Gankas getting paid to teach and not actually be able to properly strike a golfball.

This makes me think of the “inner ring” and the “outer ring”. Some advocate a bent left arm so as to keep the left hand/arm as the inner ring through the swing. Because the right hand is lower on the grip it is the outer ring. If you overemphasize a straight left arm, you may have trouble closing the face. That right hand has to catch up to its place on the outer ring. I also find that with a real tucked right elbow, from the backswing into impact the left hand is the outer ring, but then there is a switch with the right hand on the outer ring just before the ball. With a cack handed grip one might avoid this switching - left hand is always on the outer ring.