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Time to get organic. Time to find William Blake and Old Tom. Thanks to everyone here, you are all travelling on a great road, appreciate it. To Bob and Mark I wish I could add more but you already know where there answers are. Bryan, I’ll have it out on Fri, you’re the man. And to John, you’ve given me a gift beyond measure. I cannot express my gratitude in words. But it’s time to go do something. Peace. Look for the Old Town gear.

Well… this is a great shame.

LCD contributes a lot to the forum in terms of practical golfing knowledge.

At first I thought, “oh, an Elton John song reference, how refreshing.” But, alas, apparently I mixed my references.

I’d beg you not to go, but I’m afraid that’s what you may want, right? No disrespect intended, of course. You did drop some good ka-nowledge though, and I thank you sincerely for that. We’ll be here…

Well, I think it’s a shame LCD. Hopefully you’ll reconsider.

don’t worry about the homo overtones of that song, its the title that was most important :laughing:


I enjoyed and gained from your thought provoking posts and look forward hopefully to more from you in the future.

Best to you.

enjoyed reading your posts. especially about the time you were at Pebble and followed Faldo and Rocco. You got a way with words, felt like I was there too. good luck…

I saw someone asking about the different grinds. This is the 1992 Apex ‘Ft Worth, Tx’. This is the only true compact blade Apex made at any time since the Cameo’s and it is a slightly shorter blade than either of the II’s also. It was made for one year only and was replaced by the '94 Channelbacks which was an experimental grind Tom Kite used. It is an updated model of the Bounce Sole Plus One’s with slightly more rounded lines and similar bounce characteristics to the Cameo’s. This set has #4 shafts and and is D4 for all at standard length. It is an excellent stock grind with just enough bounce in the heel and rounding in the leading edge to be playable for bermuda, as well as bent. I’m still looking for a one iron, if anyone happens to come across one, or the old Pro Only Velvet Cord Grips please email me. Or to say hi. :ugeek:

I’ll be placing a youtube link sometime next week as soon as I start to work on the mechanics of my swing as well as occasional posts on some different things on this thread. Below are the other sticks in the bag right now. The only one I plan on changing soon are the middle wedge as soon as I get the matching Wilson JP55 and have it ground and I may switch the driver back and forth with a Titleist 975 with a tipped X100 I’ve had for a long time. The putter is a mid 70’s Bullseye Heavy Blade HB 5 P taped to E9 at 34" I also switch that with an 80’s Old Standard OS 4 S at E0, also 34" for faster greens.

Peace and Thanks.


Sticks and specs

Hey LCD,

I’m glad you’ll be dropping by from time to time.

If its of interest to you, I have a Wilson Staff 3 wood the same as yours only mine is a ‘tour’ model. I’ll get a snap of it up here if you like.

Maybe swap you for a pair of those classics we talked about before :smiley:

Excellent to see you back LCD.

By going “organic”, I guess you mean your going to go dig and get it out of the the dirt…ala Hogan. There are folks here of all levels who share your love of the game, and appreciate your insights…and look forward to your dropping back in.
Best of luck to you.

Sorry to everyone who was out here in Vegas for the event that I couldn’t make it out, family obligations and a friend was in from out of town. Sounds like it was a blast and I would have liked to have seen some of the great play.

Was out on the course today and for the first time since I picked the sticks back up in late November I actually felt like a Golf Professional again. There are little 20 dollar skins games on the 2 muni courses here in Vegas on Tues and Wed, today being Wed it was at Desert Rose, aka ‘The Ditch’ as it runs on both sides of a big wash basin. It’s not a bad little layout at just over 6500 from the backs with some nice tree lined fairways. The problem is that there’s nothing but dormant bermuda for miles beyond the smallish trees so it’s a bombers paradise. I picked up my Cleveland Persimmon Driver from the golf shop on my way to the course and couldn’t wait to put it in play. It’s an interesting mix of guys that show up for this game, a couple of oldtimers that can’t break 80 but have been very very nice and welcoming to me and then a lot of bombers in their 20s that can get it under par at least at the muni. Funny enough that the day I put dialed in persimmon in the bag I get paired up with a guy on the REMAX Long Drive Tour, very interesting visuals with me playing the classics and Hank (Mr LD) with his Geek Driver and hyper-distance setup. He was a little full of himself but more power to him, it’s not golf that he’s trying to do and he knows it. As an aside he totally fell in love with my irons and said that they were the heaviest and stiffest he’s ever hit. I gave him my number and he wants me to hook him up and build a set for him.

I played this Wed game for the first time last week and my move fell apart completely to the point where I couldn’t make solid contact with anything the last 10 or so holes. It was embarassing as hell and really kicked me in the ass to get to work. Fri-Mon a good friend was here in town and we spent just about every possible bit of daylight on the practice tee working with video and trying to get as much construction of a setup and a ‘cut-it-left’ move as I could. I found a much more athletic setup with my back straight, head up and I feel a lot of ‘potential core energy’ with a lot of tension in my torso and a strong dynamic relationship between my upper left arm and my chest. On video it’s like night and day and it looks pretty close to where I was when I was playing my best years ago. When I was warming up this morning I knew I was going to hit a lot of good shots as I felt speed and a good path with my arms without ever getting them behind me or making any kind of big arm swing. I hit about 20 balls and then had to try the driver. Even being a little stiff I had instant confidence after just a couple of practice swings with it. There are no words to describe how good this taper shaft is for this move. It’s absolutely perfect, like a heavy tight spring wound to a predetermined like 100 psi tension and it stays there all the way thru P4 making the ball stick to the face like crazy. Awesome awesome sensation and it bleeds into the other clubs.

I got called to the tee soon after in the first group and teed off on the 400 yard hole with a 3 wood. It bled right down a little slope and I had an uphill shot about 155 left; I hit a 7 iron and lost it immediately. Someone said good shot so I wasn’t real worried. Got up to the green and it was about 25 feet long left, the putt never had a chance as few do on these absolutely terrible greens that ar a mix of dead Poa, Dormant Bermuda and Crabgrass clumps. Really some of the worst I’ve ever played and it adds 5 shots every round easy. #2 is about 380 with a pond all up the right and a sloping hard fairway towards the water. The second is over the water a bit to a tilted back to front green, solid hole altogether. Hit a 2 iron, nailed a llittle draw up the left center that left 125 in. Pulled a 9 to 30 feet and 2 putted. Bogeyed the 3 par 3rd after a little 5 iron didn’t cut and found a swail. #4 is a dogleg rt 5 par at 610 going all the way around the wash, any shot the whole way right is a reload. First Driver of the day was dead straight up the right center I’m guessing about 280 then a 3 wood left 75 yards to a middle pin which I hit 30 feet right and made 5. #5 is a long 3 par about 210, hit a 4 iron short rt and made 4. #6 is a short 5 par 490 that leans left, hit another one dead straight up the left edge that caught the back of a knob in the fairway and ran out an extra 30 yds, only had 180 into a front pin. 6 iron tracking all the way and hopped once and stayed on the front fringe 20 ft short of the hole, really the only shot because I know the green is rock hard and everything bounds over big time. 2 putts for birdie when the first was a ft short in the gut. #7 is about 370, 2 iron up the right side and a 9 iron from 125 hole hi left 20 feet which was the only putt I made all day. #8 is 345, Mr Long Drive drove the green to about 20 feet, I hit 2 iron E wedge about 22 feet and 2 putted. #9 is a 3 par playing 145, 8 iron to 7 feet left and had the whammy put on me when one of the oldtimers in the group said he knew I was gonna make it, hit a solid put that hit the dead back of the cup and bounced up and stayed on the edge. 2 birdies, 2 bogeys even front.

I think I floated all the way to the 10th tee even after missing that little putt. If I had remembered to tape up my thumb where I split it wide open a week ago it would have been perfect. #10 is an interesting narrow 4 par 370 on the card but the fairway angles left so how long it plays depends on what line you hit your tee shot. There’s a couple trees guarding the green right in front, houses through the fairway all up the right and the wash left with big trees that you have to hit the tee shot over. Maybe the best hole on the course and you have to know how far the tee shot is gonna fly in order to pick the right line. Drew a 2 iron nicely over the trees and right by the 100 marker, 95 in. EW pulled 20 feet and 2 puuts again. #11 is another short 5 par like 510 that bends left where I hit a tee shot up the right side and got an almost unplayable lie in between 2 big tufts of crabgrass. Like a moron playing a skins game I tried to hit a 3 wood and it went about 60 yards and stymied behind a tree, I was lucky to make 6. #12 is a medium 3 par playing short to a front pin at 145, got steep with an 8 and came up a club short on line in another swail but I got up and down. #13 is another short 5 par that I parred after another perfect tee shot, really threw a shot away. # 14 is a strong 4 par at 445 but with a hard fairway that runs right toward the wash. Absolutely smoked a cut drive up the dead center and only had 140 in, 8 iron I dumped 40 feet short rt and made 4 on a putt that bounced up at least a dozen times. #15 is a 3 par playing 170 that I tried to hit a big 7 and fanned short right onto a bare lie. I got saved by the good Professional ball on a perfect pitch that bounced once and spun hard that I thought for sure was going in. Finished an inch away for par. 16 is 345 and a 2 iron and a 105 yd EW left me 4 ft left and I didn’t even sniff the hole, that one was all me. 17 goes out a chute of trees and hard rt at 400, I was stupid and hit driver through the fairway up against the fence and had to take an unplayable and made 5. 18 is a nothing 380 I hit driver and wedge and 4. 2 bogeys back and total 74. I must have given away at least 5 shots besides the bad greens and it was as confident as I’ve been in years.

For anyone who thinks that they can’t play persimmon as a gamer I disagree big time. I was hitting the woody 270+ in the air all day and that was with 10 yr old wound balls. I can play any course in the world from this distance and the absolute fact that I can make such an agressive swing without ever woriying that it will ever go a foot left will allow me to hit driver on holes where everyone else is steering a 3 iron. I can’t put this great shaft in any kind of metal head anyway beacause it won’t fit. Good things happen with this stuff and I’m gonna be able to start playing events in less than a month even as I’m developing and refining my move. Now it’s a question of developing shots and total trust, dialing in the yardage and getting the touch shots and putter tuned. Today was only one day but this is no accident and no fluke. This is the real deal. I’m gonna wear the fairways and greens out and it’s not by doing dink and dunk stuff either.


Interesting wrap up of the day.

What head to you have in that driver? Anything deeper than Cleveland’s standard?

Although I can move a persimmon 270, it ain’t all in the air that’s for sure. I’m trying to locate something really deep-faced to see if it “frees me up a bit”.


No offense but that ‘gravity drop’ reroute move that y’all are learning will NEVER hit persimmon 270 in the air. It has a 10% power loss minimum. Remember that sequencing is everything and the sequencing the way Lag is doing it and teaching takes away so much speed that no one can ever hit it close to long. Avg at best. If you hit a big deep faced Mac you’d just hit it too low.

oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh, there’s going to be a bun fight.

Ringside seat for me :smiley:

Mouses’ nose anyone? Fucking PFJ! Splitters!

Pretty much…