Johnny Miller

I’m a swing-sequence junkie. I love poring over sequence photos of the best players. The feature all great iron players have in common is that their heads are lower at impact than when they were standing tall at address. They really go down after the ball, not by bending at the hips or dropping their head but by increasing the flex in their knees. They sag their knees down and toward the target at the same time, moving on a downward diagonal line. Now, you’d think this would make you hit the ball fat. But if you lean the club forward, toward the target, so that the shaft is angled ahead of the left arm, you’ll absolutely pure it.

I can see wanting 10 more yards with the driver, but squeezing extra distance out of your irons is the kiss of death. In my prime, my standard distance for the 9-iron was 125 yards. I hit my 6-iron 160, and my 4-iron 185. I didn’t want to be long with my irons, only smooth. Reining in my swing speed was key to distance control and accuracy. If you can resist the tendency to swing more than 75 percent, you’ll have better balance and rhythm. Your mechanics will be better, and you’ll find the sweet spot more often. You don’t need a crazy swing speed to spin the ball, either: Pure backspin comes from good contact more than anything else.

Johnny knows his “shete”

On the Sevam site he briefly mentioned Johnny Miller’s “cup under” move…what is he trying to describe? :confused:

I saw an article in a “throwaway” golf magazine in the mid-1980’s, by Miller’s teacher…I think his name was Gertson. He described his thoughts on the whole swing, but what I remember striking me was a concept he advised that I had never been told in the same words…went something like this: ( maybe someone who knows can correct/ comment/ elaborate) I can’t remember anything else.

“From the top, drop or pull your hands straight down as if to your right heel.”

I know this is similar to the “master move” or “magic move” that others talk about. If you are not doing it, it is not something you can read out of a book and go do. But Miller must have done it right. Either naturally or by training.

.anyone deep into the module work will see all these basics coming together- Miller knew exactly what he was doing

Check this out!!
This is going a little beyond “quotes”, so I don’t know if it belongs in the GGQ section, but it would be kind of cool if there was a section where different players perspectives were contained- it would be a good reference section… Regardless, this video is just great. Johnny Miller is the best commentator without doubt, his passion and knowledge are second to none. I just love how much he loves golf! Not to mention how much he knows about it…
Now I’m going to see if Twomasters teaching me how to post youtube vids worked :slight_smile:



That is pure golf logic by Miller
he pretty much nails it all in that short space of video time.

“Impact is all that matters”… advice A1
“Worked it out myself like Hogan dug it out of the dirt”… no computer animation …he found his way to swing
“Open shoulders …about 20 degrees at impact”…perfect…why people are taught to have vertical shoulders at impact these days is beyond me
'Gravity drop to about waist high on the downswing and then wham…it all speeds up"…over acceleration too early is a killer

Also like how he talks about the arms and how they form the grip…too many people look at hands…if you hang your arms and then grip you will find your perfect ideal grip to deliver the club back to square
Very awesome stuff…love how he states that what he is saying is really nothing new but is just about always overlooked in modern teaching

Johnny is the man…love that right foot action in the very first few seconds of the video

nice work on posting the youtube Bom…looks like you nailed it

I’d love to get Miller and Weiskopf locked in a room for a while and be a fly on the wall. Might need a referee and a cut man…