Johnny Miller

Here’s a great rule from one ofthe best ball strikers

Get down on it at impact.
I’m a swing-sequence junkie. I love poring over sequence photos of the best players. The feature all great iron players have in common is that their heads are lower at impact than when they were standing tall at address. They really go down after the ball, not by bending at the hips or dropping their head but by increasing the flex in their knees. They sag their knees down and toward the target at the same time, moving on a downward diagonal line. Now, you’d think this would make you hit the ball fat. But if you lean the club forward, toward the target, so that the shaft is angled ahead of the left arm, you’ll absolutely pure it. Which leads to the next rule.

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If you can find it Johnny Miller’s “Pure Golf” written in 1976 I think is a fantastic read…he’s really one of my favorites.

Bom Posted this a while back, and I can’t stop watching it…top shelf.



Here’s a good view of what Johnny is talking about…courtesy of ABS Vault

Don’t just watch the knees…watch the trees in the background also (behind his head) on the slo mo section… Johnny was a flusher



        Great vids like we do at ABS if the knees go down the head comes with it!

Great videos and article. Look at those yardages! Miller was really something in those days. His point about the talent back then is interesting…lots of it and they didn’t fold. I remember looking at the sports section in those days and it seemed he was always shooting very low scores…64,63, etc. Won 8 tournaments in 1974, has the record for lowest final round to win a major(63), holds record for lowest front nine score at Masters(30), finished second at Masters 3 times.

It is worth noting that he felt getting strong in the “wrong” muscles definitely hurt him. This happened when he got a ranch and did a lot of the work himself.

That article by Johnny Miller is very good, I’m gonna post some quotes that strike me, as what he says echoes what we see here, or vice versa:

He was knocking pins down with clubs made around 1950. What does that tell us?

Ballstriker. That was a Moe metric…number of pins hit.

So if he shoots 63 to win the US Open with these yardages…WHY IN THE WORLD do I worry about hitting my irons farther than this??? Stupid me.

amen. :sunglasses: