Johnny Miller on the Modern era swing

I saw this video from Johhny Miller describing why he believes the modern era players dont hit the ball as straight as players from the past. At about 58 seconds in to the video he talks about how he feels that the reverse C finish resulted in a more stable clubface through impact, and used Calvin Peete and Mike reid as two examples of super straight reverse C players. Anyone have any opinion on that? He also demonstrates an impact drill at about 2:02 in the video, does anyone have any opinion on how benefical that drill is?

I saw that utter rubbish in latest Golf Magazine issue. While I am far from a spinal expert, I have to say Johnny is off his rocker. It doesn’t take an 8 year spinal specialist degree to see that the one thing your body does NOT do very easily is bend backward from waist and compress the spine. To do it while under the pressures and torque of a golf swing is one of the worst era’s of popular advice. I am sure by now there have been plenty bio mechanic experts that have written more on this and thankfully help put it to an end years ago. Your spine wants to be straight (well actually an ‘S’ curve but straight up/down looking). Iit is Johnny’s belief and nothing more. He also thinks Tiger will win another 30-40 PGA events and five more majors going forward… :laughing:

Now speaking from experience and a late 30’s body, getting rid of my reverse-c finish of a poor beginner golfer mechanics essentially relieved me of barely being able to tie my shoes the next day after a long full swing range session. I’ll take being able to carry my 1year old son around joyfully, any day over opinions of more accuracy from a nut job who happened to be a great golfer.

I think Johnny has his reasoning here in that it could tend to stabilize low point for swingers. But if you hit, as Hogan, Knudson, Player, DeVicenzo etc… they were great strikers who finished up and very erect with their spines by using flatter rotation and a left knee that was much more stable.

The reverse C is not going to be kind to the back for must humans. Nicklaus, Trevino and many others suffered with back issues.

Watson actually changed his swing as he moved into his older years with great success using a much more level rotation.

This is my 1st post and and i feel that i have some interesting insight about the back thing. I’m 43 yrs young and i have had lower back troubles all my life. i’ve been a golf and fitness junkie all my life as well. About 8 years ago i discovered what is called combat condition and hindu type exercises. Reverse arching (bridging) (the reverse C) is a big part of the conditioning program. Our whole lives are spent doing things in front of us (bending over, hunching over, slouching, etc.)
the bridging exercises are the best thing one can do for the back and abs! it strengthens the muscles in the back that prevents injury. Gymnists and wrestlers are the finest athletes on the planet and this is what they do. I have had no back problems since i started bridging exercises. I can Reverse C all day long with no issue. This is the secret for a strong back. Johnny may be correct!!!

How many times in the article did johnny mention his 63?

Styles what 63 you referring to? I watched the video link and no mention of 63.

In response to this Reverse C, six weeks ago at the driving range I tried hitting the ball with more spine angle tilt but ended up hurting my neck (turning side to side hurts). However 2 sessions of acupuncture and massages luckily fixed the problem, so for me I will not be trying the Reverse C.