Johnny Miller Gear Set Up 1973

“It was the oldest set of clubs [in relation] to the year it was played on Tour in the history of golf.” – Johnny Miller

1961 MacGregor Velocitized Tourney, 10.5°, D9 swingweight,
13.4 ounces, True Temper Dynamic steel shaft, X flex, 43.5”, 270 yards
JOHNNY SAYS: “I had to have everything just right, so I refinished my clubs and refaced them. In ’73, they used persimmon that wasn’t the hard wood. I wanted the heavier blocks that had a real tight grain. I wanted a little bit of movement, which means [wood] from the knotty area of the tree.”

1945 MacGregor Tommy Armour, 15°, True Temper Dynamic steel shaft, X flex
235-240 yards

1941 MacGregor Tommy Armour, 19°, True Temper Dynamic steel shaft, X flex
225 yards

1945 MacGregor Tommy Armour 915T (2-7) and 1972 MacGregor Tourney Custom (8-PW). All irons have True Temper Dynamic steel shafts, stiff flex, +0.5” shaft length
2-iron: 210 yards
3-iron: 200 yards
4-iron: 185 yards
5-iron: 175 yards
6-iron: 160 yards
7-iron: 150 yards
8-iron: 140 yards
9-iron: 125 yards
PW (10-iron): 115 yard
JOHNNY SAYS: “I cut the irons and reground the bottoms [soles] and the top. You didn’t have much club left, so they had to have a lot of lead tape to bring them up [to proper swingweight numbers]. An extra wrap on the right hand made the grip not so V-shaped.”

1959 Wilson Dyna-Power, 58°, 85 yards, True Temper Dynamic steel shaft, stiff flex

1952 Acushnet Bullseye Old Standard, 36” shaft
JOHNNY SAYS: “No putter ever made feels better than a Bullseye. It’s so soft. The ones before the late ’60s had a heavier brass alloy, which kept them from getting dinged up all over.”

MacGregor Tourney
JOHNNY SAYS: “In ’73, I switched to the Tourney ball that Jack [Nicklaus] was using. It was a heck of a ball. It was so hard [101 compression] that it wouldn’t spin and back up quite as much as the softer balata balls. When I switched, my scoring definitely improved.”

Why do you think he went from X flex in his woods to Stiff flex in his irons? I guess if his 3 and 5 wood were set up similar to his driver, the D9 swingweight would make it feel softer than an X flex?

driver shafts are much looser stock than iron shafts. Also when a shaft gets longer it gets looser in a relative way.
If you deflection test or stress tests shafts you will learn this. Looser shafts typically offer more distance, but at the expense of accuracy. There is a trade off.