John Schlee YouTube

Hi, all, first post here! Thanks to John for creating this wonderful resource and inviting me to join in. I’ve seen some mention of Schlee’s videos on various other threads, but maybe not everybody is aware that they are out there. This is a link to part 1 of 3:

I think there’s a lot of great and interesting stuff in these, with lots of similarities and a few pretty big differences from what John E. is doing. If anybody has any thoughts about these I’d be very interested.



PS Quiz for history buffs: What was the most important round in Schlee’s career?

I’ve seen Schlee’s Maximum Golf video on YouTube. I believe there was a thread on him on the old ABS forum.

IMO his methodology is very similar to ABS in some respects. He swung flat, advocated using ground pressures to bring the club into impact, and his “world class move” is similar to the “super slotting” stuff here at ABS.

And his most famous round was at the 73 U.S. Open where he would have won the thing but for a certain Johnny Miller deciding to shoot a 63 in the final round and spoiling Schlee’s party.

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