John Erickson and ABS on the Be Better Golf YouTube Channel




It’s a shame Brandon has moved on, but then that is the life of a YouTuber.

Who knows if he is still working on the stuff John showed him.

Thanks for putting them all together Hanisch, fair play. I’ve watched a couple of them, but never realized there were so many tbh. Nice one.

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Yeah, Brendon was making good progress in such a short time, like here. Between Lag’s deck and Brendon’s cubby hole does anyone use a range anymore… :upside_down_face:



How do you look at yourself doing that, and stop doing whatever it is you’re doing?

Good progress for sure!

In fairness to him, he’s done well with his channel, and he seems to do a very good job of scouring the internet golf world to see what’s going on, so I suppose he has to keep on searching if his channel is to survive.

This is a practice swing with the club head about a foot above the ground, so I wouldn’t put too much stock in it. If he could do that in a full swing with a ball on the ground that’s another story. All kinds of amazing things can happen when you’re not hitting a ball and there’s no consequences.

I’d agree he probably prioritizes finding new content rather than sticking with a specific method for an extended period of time. Sounds exhausting.

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You can see Brendon had some great intentions in his swing there, but he doesn’t do that in a real swings I have subsequently seen. It probably doesn’t do much for his golf to flip around from teacher to teacher, but he has to keep moving on or his business model grinds to a halt. Fair play to him though.

Yeah, I think that’s the point. The intentions and air swings are usually really good but when the ball is there and you are trying to hit an actual golf shot it seems that all the practice swings go out the window. Very little from any practice swing sticks to the swing. This is especially true in the takeaway. Takeaway is always planed nicely on the practice swing but once it’s actual go time it goes back I worked a lot with a sports psychologist about this recently.

My carpeted smash bag got infested by mice outside and I had to throw it out.

I’ll try anything but interviewing someone or taking a lesson from people doesn’t mean I change my personal philosophy/ swing every time I interview someone.

Recently I’ve been doing the low to finish abs drill I feel like is helping me.


It’s easy to do a practise swing without a ball, but when the ball is there, hit instinct takes over and all great intentions go out of the window.

That why I like the magic trick drill so much its the first ABS drill where you hit a ball and realise how much more drilling is required.