John Allen Tour Gear 1950's through 1970's

I met former PGA Tour player John Allen on a chance meeting out at Mare a couple days ago, (story told in the Birdies and Bogeys thread Golf in the Kingdom)
John’s lovely wife has been encouraging him to clean out the garage, and the timing was right for him to have me over to pick out a few gems
from his lifelong collection of stuff he played at various times during the golden age of golf. I felt like a pig gone to heaven!

Here is a pic from when John won the National Long Drive Championship beating Jim Dent and Mike Austin in 1973. Pretty much says it all…

No doubt a fellow golf purist

Here are some cherries I bought off of John today.

This set of Button Back Dynas are stock with factory X shafts from the early 70’s. John was on the Wilson Tour staff and being the National Long Drive champ…
all I can say is… No reshafting required!

This SW from the 50’s is HEAVY! Interesting club, and just sits really nice. Might be in my bag soon.


A few incredible persimmons John used on tour.



What tour player would not a have a ton of putters? If this one don’t work, maybe this one will?


Not sure if anything is cooler that a butter knife 2 iron made by Tom Morris at St Andrews. Can’t wait to hit this into the wind on a back left pin placement
at Mare’s third.


That is one of the scariest but somehow very enticing clubs i´ve ever seen.

I think you need to make a video of you hitting that club, since my imagination is not the best and i have a hard time imagining anybody trying to hit this and getting off a proper shot!

Wonder if it was bought from this store?

They have a small golf dept the last time I went there…not alot of classic stuff…mainly perimeter weighted, offset…how times have changed!

I’ll take some vids with it out at Mare soon… until then, I’ll keep using it to both shave and slice and dice things in the kitchen.