Joe Powell Woods

I Have a number of Joe Powell drivers for sale. Mostly Ltd Edition models and a few others.
Haven’t hit any of them as they are all R300 or equivilant which is too soft for me.
Open to offers if anyone is interested. More detailed pics available on request



You have some nice looking JP’s there!!! Unfortunately the R shafts would be an issue for me as well. I often wonder why so many persimmon manufacturers didn’t put more S and X shafts into their best looking heads? No surprise that so many of the Wood Bros drivers I’ve seen have X1’s in them.


To be fair there are a couple with S300’s in them which are just strong enough for me but they find their way into my bag from time to time!!
I bought a whole load of the JP stock years ago when the UK distributor gave up the battle of trying to convince people top buy persimmon rather than titanium.
I would say that at least 50% was R flex stuff.
JP even produced an oversized metal headed thing which was frankly awful!!
Theres even a graphite shafted driver which has been made to look like a hickory shaft! Very strange :laughing:

If anyone wanted a JP special for the collection or even to re-shaft there are a few left.

I think Chris has got some really wonderful Joe Powel drivers here. I am a golfing enthusiast and I am planning to buy some clubs next month. Right now I am in the process of shifting my residence from New York to California. Most probably it will be over by November. I hope that the JP’s will be available till then. I would request him to let me know the price that he expects. I would also request him to put some more pictures of them.