Joe Powell Golf: A breath of Fresh Air...

[b][b]Joe Powell Golf is a traditional styled golf company that is best known for its handcrafted Persimmon Woods and Forged Irons.
Since 1961, Joe Powell has made golf clubs for some of the best players in the world. In 1975, he left the mass-production world behind to start a company that would make precision and quality its #1 goal.

Every Joe Powell club is handcrafted and carefully inspected to insure that it meets Joe’s strict standards. These clubs are produced in limited quantities and are made from only the finest materials available.

In recent years, major manufacturers have promoted Metal Woods as going farther and straighter than Persimmon Woods. Actual tests, given similar shafts and lengths, have proven that Persimmon Woods hit the ball just as far as Metal Woods, and the sound and solid feel is far superior to that of a Metal Wood.

The real reason that the major manufacturers switched to Metal Woods, is their ease of production. They do not require skilled craftsmen to build, and thus allow the companies to spend more money on advertising.[/b]
At Joe Powell Golf, each club travels through the manufacturing process with its individual order, from start to finish. Due to the almost unlimited number of choices in shafts, grips, lofts and lies, etc., we prefer that the individual call us on our toll-free number, so that we can discuss options and insure that the clubs are built with the proper characteristics for that individual golfer.

Our goal is to build golf clubs that “fit”. Whether you choose Persimmon Woods or Metal Woods, Forged Irons or Cast Irons, we build them one set at a time, to your specifications.

The Golf Clubs that perform the best, are the clubs that fit the best.

John Powell


Joe Powell Golf, Inc.
1781 Barber Road
Sarasota, FL 34240
(941) 377-7742
Fax (941) 377-7036[/b]

I had a Joe Powell driver made to order last summer. Love it. Actually sat with John for a couple of hours at the shop and talked golf clubs, MacGregor back in the day and about his dad (Joe). It is good to see someone keeping the trade. Got to see the driver head models for each step in the process. Nice guy.