Jimmy Ballard

Not sure if any of you have seen this, but I thought it was an interesting read:

departures.com/articles/ball … my-ballard


No argument here on connection being a huge issue in a proper golf swing. Initiate the downswing with the lower body, and preserve impact alignments to finish. All good stuff.

I like the part about refusing to become PGA certified…and the debate with Jim Flick.


After reading this, I like Ballard even more. Would love to have been there when him and Flick went at it–heard it almost came to blows. I’m reading George Knudson’s ‘Natural Golf’ book and much of what Ballard espouses about swing myths is in Knudson’s book as well.


Thank you. That was a great read. I especially liked when he talked about his dealing with his pupils and fellow teachers. Reminds me of me when I am coaching basketball.

You have to love people that go out on a limb and decide to not be politically correct or follow the status quo.