Jim McLean interview

Some good stuff in this recent article.

golfdigest.com/magazine/2013 … jim-mclean

I’m so glad to hear Jim McClean critiquing the status quo.

My favorite parts:
36-hole every Saturday with grillrooom cards and backgammon were “standard” for guys

No American reached the semifinals of the US Amateur. That was unprecedented

“Gate Clangers” - Jackie Burke’s apt name for private, snooty clubs that don’t let junior play

College golf is now optional and not important to golf success

Club pros used to have similar status as doctors and teachers. But Class A status was lowered. You only have to shoot 78 twice from the white tees.

To much teaching emphasis on the back-swing. "Its because it happens so slowly that instructors can make sense of it. The result is, there are a lot more picture-perfect back-swings out there. But perfect impacts are as difficult to achieve as ever.