Jennifer Lopez...

Snowing, and bored…a little riddle for ya’ll


i) The bottom curve shows the profile of a typical woman’s bootie, the top curve J-Lo’s.


ii) In ABS, because of the 4.30 attack and vigorous post impact thrust, we get a J shape at the Lo point.


You need to get out a bit Rat Boy!


Nice one Steb…nailed it.

It actually kinda goes back to a Doyle thing about hitting a ball anywhere on a circle and it will tanget off accordingly. I actually have this intention too. If I address the top ball, my intention is to hit the left ball…which is on a different circular path…so I have to drop hard and turn hard from the top, saving R arm, to get that far mentally. Then the shaft slams fast on the top ball…and continues making the divot. Here’s the follow-up prize…not quite to scale though


Hey Styles…only under close supervision am I allowed out on weekends. :laughing: