Jeffman's version of accumulator #5

I did not watch this video fully but Jeffman is describing the right shoulder throw from the top as his accumulator no 5 at 2:59 in the video.

Reminds me of the guy who goes to Kmart and buys some cheap tools and calls himself a mechanic… Everybody is hanging out a shingle these days, regardless of whether or not they have any real knowledge…

He sounds like Wikus Van De Merwe from District 9. I keep waiting for him to start talking about Prawns and dropping f-bombs every couple of sentences. :wink:

Captain Chaos

Don’t know much about the guy except from what I’ve read from him here, and recently watching one of his videos on his YT channel. He certainly gets into detail… too much for my liking.

Looks like he’s suffers from TGM rigidity…any videos anywhere of his action. Can he do what he preaches, or is he just that…a preacher. :slight_smile: RR

I’m not sure this Jman video has anything to do with the game of golf. Has this guy ever struck a real golf shot in his life? There isn’t even anything to discuss- it would be like trying to explain why a snooker cue has no use in a car race… what’s he even talking about? I don’t know…
There’s only one remedy I can think of for now… the pivot/leg action at :39 is just insane…


Bom–thanks for this vid, really shows me how that generation worked the hit.

This just in from the Associated Press…

Durban, South Africa…A man was found dead this afternoon after a freak accident in his backyard. Police found a golf club and rope near the body and speculate cause of death as strangulation.

“We have no reason to believe it was foul play, nor do we believe it was suicide,” said a police spokesman. Police recovered video from the scene which showed the man trying to demonstrate an arms-type swing. Apparently the rope got tangled around his neck at the top of his backswing and the victim was unable to extract himself in the downswing, cutting off his air supply and snapping his neck in the follow-through.

“The video showed he didn’t have a strong pivot. Had he been able to use ground forces effectively, he might still be alive,” said the police spokesman, a 2 handicap.

For a moment you almost got me; I thought it was true.

Jeffman is quite an internet sensation and a source for golf info for a lot of info. God bless them.

One thing for sure… that club does not need to be flattened… it’s short already… bend those knees… :slight_smile:

A beauty Paul… I was just thinking watching that video for the first 30 seconds that ‘life is simply too short for this…’

No kidding, right? Here’s a thought exercise which concentrates the mind. If you knew that in two years you would not be able to play golf b/c you were taking a five-year job assignment that would absolutely not allow you to play or practice at all (researcher in Antarctica?), what would you work on now and do over the next two years to improve the most you could? For me, I guess I would work on developing a world-class pivot and nothing else. But I’m biased b/c I’m only on Mod 2…

If that’s an attempt at autoerotic asfixiation the rope is in the wrong place…

LCD…man…now that is comedy.


This video sequence of Miller, Ballesteros, Price is just TOP SHELF…thanks for posting this.


I like Jeffman’s description of the left arm being more passive, or as I would call a spoke on a wheel…
However, I have never seen a player be able to hit the ball equal distance using just the right arm as they would be able to
with both arms. There are in fact pressure fulcrums in both arm sockets… not just one… as so many subscribe to believe.