Jason Dufner

Hey guys, wondering what ABS thinks of Jason Dufner’s swing?

He is having a breakout year and almost had his 3rd PGA win today and would have been 1st back-back wins since Tiger 2009. Actually he had great rookie year as well last year with 6 top-tens (5 already in 2012). His stats are pretty darn good; currently 68% FIR (8th), 69% GIR (9th), 12th in total driving and FIRST in Ballstrking stat. He is sneaky long too.

Dufner is a self-professed Hogan worshiper and spent his whole time trying to duplicate Hogans swing so I thought it would be fitting to discuss his swing here as we all too are Hogan nuts. He spendsd a ridiculous amount of time doing a hogan wgggle too. Anything good going on? Bad? Right off the bat it looks like Dufners relase is too much roll-type release to be Hogan. But is this the closest we have to a modern hogan?



I see a lot of good things. I like the little drag takeaway, pretty flat going back, level rotation through, holds some pressure into the right foot better than most, works the shaft nicely on plane from P3 to P4. Reminds me more of Mark O Meara than Hogan. I don’t see much Hogan in his swing as far as truly implementing the opposing force motor and really embracing the possibilities of forearm rotation.

Sergio is the closest of the modern players to Hogan principals, but Sergio is not as dynamic as Hogan was post impact in his prime years.

Personally I don’t believe we will see another “Hogan” type striker or player as long as the players on tour are using lightweight gear and playing relatively wide open courses with a low spin rate ball.

These are always tough comparisons… similar to discussing Grand Prix drivers to Indy Car drivers. Different skill sets and priorities.

Here is Peter Kostis’ comparison of Dufner and Hogan. The vid gives a good comparison, just ignore Kostis, he has has Johnny Miller covered for being completely clueless on how the golf swing works.

As for the comparison, kind of close i suppose, but i see Dufners arms and upper torso disconnected at the two point Kostis emphasizes, where as Hogans is just one solid unit up there.

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I completely disagree with any Hogan comparison.

If you truly were a Hogan disciple, you would swing the heaviest flattest gear possible.
You would super slot the club through transition via clockwise forearm rotation so you could utilize counter clockwise forearm rotation on the downswing from the third dimension under plane. Dufner has zero of this, and it is absolutely critical to Hogan’s protocols.

Knees do not properly download to change the direction of the club, and this is one of the ways lightweight clubs contribute to the failing of this critical Hogan element.

Shaft is way too steep on the downswing coming into P3, probably off 10 to 15 degrees so there is no taking advantage of flat entry and flat lie angles through impact. Shaft is never on the chi line as the great master strikers did.

While his torso does turn level, it stalls too much therefore the right arm has to get involved prematurely to aid in squaring the clubface bringing in a significant timing element that Hogan preached of avoiding.

Hogan’s right foot would never flop over to the right at finish because he understood how ground pressures worked and why they were necessary to synchronize the pivot action. The arm structure also completely breaks down as finish which Hogan never did.

Dufner’s hands come in higher at impact raising upward a bit which is another Hogan violation and in no way does Dufner release the club left as Hogan did.

There are good reasons, very clear and understandable reasons why modern players don’t strike the ball as well as Hogan did, and many other great strikers of the past. The comparisons are silly because Hogan’s ball striking was completely on another level of proficiency than anything we see today.

The good news is that you don’t have to swing like Hogan to strike the ball on occasion very well and win golf tournaments.
If you have all day to hit 100s of golf balls and play 6 days a week, you can make a lot of things work. Timing is not a problem if you have time to time it.

Now with Sergio, there is a viable conversation and comparison. But just because a player takes the club back flat does not mean they are anywhere near implementing the key elements that made Hogan’s swing work.

I’m no expert but Kostis doesn’t seem to have a clue as to how Hogan’s swing worked. I don’t like Kostis anyway. I watched this segment on TV yesterday and even I noticed that Dufner is too steep and does not allow his club to fall into the slot and does not release like Hogan does.

Dufner is a good golfer and I hope to see him win many more tournaments, but swing like Hogan? nah!

Please see lag’s post - What he says! LOL

Kostis destroyed one of the best golf swings and players I have ever seen… that being Sam Randolph. I’ve talked to Sam about Kostis and he talks about this in the interview I did with Sam for ABS a while back. everyone here should have a listen or a re listen.

I am sure Kostis has helped some players or he would not be in the position he is in. But I am no fan that’s for sure… probably because I was such a Sam Randolph fan. I miss watching Sam’s great action when he was playing golf in his prime.

lag - Do you have a link to the interview? Thanks - jesse

ABS Sam Randolph interviews:

I just realized I have a third part to upload…!

What about Mahan? He has some of the best rotation through impact on tour. Flat swing, shallow through impact.


I agree,

Mahan has one of the better swings out on tour in my opinion.

Lag, will the equipment companies change the lie angle on their titanium headed metals and hybrids for a player, or are they forced to play upright irons because they ate forced to play upright metals?