Janzen DQed from US Open Qualifier for wearing steel spikes

[size=150]Janzen disqualified for wearing metal spikes[/size]

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On a 36 hole qualifier… there will be no members playing this course today. Most private courses are closed on Monday. They would be mowing the greens tomorrow anyway if this were a members issue. Could members at these country clubs be insane?

What could possibly be the argument to not allow them on Monday qualifier? A two time US Open champion can’t wear the shoes he wore when he won a few years back in a qualifier? The purpose if this is what?

I sure hope this raises some debate… and things don’t just go back to Tiger and Sergio’s love spat.

How can a local rule from a club supersede the long standing rule of conforming spikes? They are still USGA conforming. THIS IS THEIR EVENT!! What are these idiots thinking?

Apparently Janzen was not a fluke US Open winner… he won it twice. He used steel spikes both times. Now he can’t qualify for the event using steel spikes? It would be one thing if they were banned… but they are not banned?

Am I insane or is the USGA insane?

THE USGA IS INSANE!!! :smiling_imp:
They are golf haters…

There are some great ball strikers who understood the importance of proper footing spinning in their graves right now.

Michael Cumberpatch,

Steel Spikes are legal… Janzen knows the rules. Apparently Cumberpatch doesn’t.

Can someone find this guys email address for me? Been trying…
Send it over PM is fine… or post it here so anyone who cares can write this nut can.

A similar thing happened to Steve Elkington a few years ago. He showed up to the qualifier wearing his steel spikes. When he was told that he couldn’t wear them, he withdrew and went home.

His home course (Champions in Houston) is one of the few left that permit steel spikes.

Of course, a local rule can supercede USGA rules. It is the players responsibility to read the local rule sheet and know the terms of engagement. Dumb rule aside, I can’t feel sorry for Jansen. He should know better.

The rules at the qualifiers should be universal across all the sites. How about a local rule that at Cowbell CC, all qualifiers must play with persimmon and blades pre 1980. Make it a local rule. Supersedes the USGA rule. Would be no different. Persimmon is still legal… so are frying pans, but can’t use frying pans because the local rule says so. Who is making the rules?
The local club? Is it arbitrary? The USGA? It’s their tournament. Not the local club.

It’s to the advantage of a golf club to HOST a USGA event… even a qualifier. It’s prestige for the club. The USGA never used to host events on crap courses. Any USGA qualifier I ever went to was on a respectable track if not a very good one.

“Hey Joe, hows that course you played last week down in Seacliff?” “Jim, it’s a great track… they had the US Open qualifier there two years ago…tough as hell”

Clubs benefit from this. A lot of the value of a membership at a nice CC is perceived and a lot of it is based upon prestige. Clubs should want this.

If the club won’t allow the Q … the USGA should go elsewhere. There are plenty of clubs that would love to host a USGA qualifier.

When does the local club cower to the USGA? Only if the actual US Open is played there? But not the qualifier? Where is the respect here?

The should give him a special exemption for winning the damn tournament twice… That’s what we should write the USGA about… Let’s start a petition…


The entry form states that metal spikes are not permitted at the qualifying sites. However a club can chose to waive that rule and have a local rule in place for the qualifying day if they choose.

Madness! Blame goes to the USGA for this, it is their rule, in their competition. A smaller portion of the blame goes to the clubs for being lazy/stubborn for not choosing to wave this ridiculous rule

I have it here Lag:


I hope he responds :slight_smile:

Turns out he is the historian :imp: at the U.S. Naval Academy Golf Club…

TGC interviewed the rules guy. He comes off like a pompous prick. He is justified in his ruling but seems quite cocky and unwilling to consider possible changes to improve the future of the competition. Some good questions were asked.


C’mon Cumberpatch…get your head out of your rump and into the GAME!

Even those kids on the AT&T Wireless, Bigger is Better commercial have more common sense. :laughing:

Not sure Spielberg could script this one any better.

gotta agree

Michael Cumberpatch of the Mid-Atlantic Golf Association


Thanks for researching this… :sunglasses:

I wrote him a long letter hammering home my typical points not only on this issue… but the state of the game.

Please… ABSers, do take a minute and write this guy with your thoughts…whatever they are.

This is a disgrace to the game. He needs to know that there are other people who feel an injustice has been served.

Hi Michael,

I am distressed at the ruling made regarding Lee Janzen in the recent US Open qualifying match.

Will players be allowed to use metal spikes when they contest the US Open later this month ???

Answer that, and you can see how ridicules the ruling you made is. How on earth can u argue, a local rule is above the very rules of golf.
Its madness.

Are metal spikes banned by the USGA or The RA ???

How dare you fail to adhere to the rules of golf, and attempt to protect a local rule, in a Nations greatest championship.

How will you feel when the winner wears metal spikes, yet u DQ a former champion because a local club rule had been breached.

I hope you inbox is going balistic.

Golf died a little with your ruling.

Beggars belief IMO

Steve Turner
Aust PGA ( former)

Its ridiculous… a qualifier should be played under the same rules as the event itself… if the club don’t like it I’m sure there is a queue of courses baying for the exposure & prestige

Mr Janzen, you cannot wear those kind of shoes to qualify for the US Open

But Sir, I won the US Open twice wearing these kind of shoes… what has changed?

It doesn’t matter what has changed. We make the rules and you as a player must abide.

What is the reason?

It doesn’t matter what the reason is, or even if there is a reason. We make the rules and you abide by them.

Ok, I’ll just do whatever you say because you clearly know what is best for me and for golf.

That is correct Mr Janzen. Just do as we say because we say so.

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This is the first I’ve heard of this, just shocking stuff! This makes zero sense.