Jackie Burke Quotes

Stomping around in search of a sprinkler head that has “162” stamped on it is a complete waste of time. Before they invented the 150-yard marker, we used a formula that worked better than numbers. Determine what club you’d need to use — with $1,000 riding on it — to fly the ball over the green. You have to be honest with yourself: There’s $1,000 at stake, so you better not underclub. If that club is a 6-iron, simply take one club less — the 7-iron — and hit it firmly or softly depending on whether the hole is front, middle or back. The formula never fails. It also teaches you feel, touch and a sense for wind and elevation. One more thing: It’ll cut half an hour off your round.

-Jackie Burke

I like this one! I wanted to make a recent playing partner eat his GPS device! :imp: I commented (a little bitterly I admit) “I do not think it makes you better…just slower!”

Burke tells it like it is

“Byron Nelson was so good…the only time I ever saw him leave the fairway was to go pee in the bushes”

Jackie Burke

At no point during the backswing does the back of your left hand point at the ground…