Jack Nicklaus Quotes

Jack Nicklaus was asked to explain the differences between certain golf courses on the Monterey Pininsula´s 17-Mile Drive. Nicklaus replied: “Pebble Beach and Cypress Point make you want to play. Spyglass Hill - that´s different; that makes you want to go fishing.”

[size=85]Taken from “The future of Golf” by Goeff Shackleford[/size]

Power is overemphasized in modern golf to a point where it’s become totally out of proportion to the basic nature and enjoyment of the game. Golf is a game of precision, not strength… Where’s the fun, where’s the challenge in just beating at the ball? Any idiot can do that and if he’s strong enough he’ll score well. That’s not what golf’s about. It’s a thinking man’s game.
[Esquire Magazine, 1973]

“The best way to cope with trouble is to stay out of it as much as possible.”

“One of the toughest types of golfer to beat in match play is the fellow who seems rarely to produce spectacular shots but who also makes very few mistakes. You know he isn’t going to throw a bunch of birdies at you, but you also know he isn’t likely to make anything worse than bogey, and not many of those. If you aren’t careful, this can wear down both your concentration and your emotional equilibrium.”

“I haven’t fundamentally changed my golf swing since I was 13 years old, but I’ve never stopped trying to increase my versatility as a shotmaker. Pride has never stopped me from seeking help in this area. Much of the knowledge I possess I’ve cribbed from other tour players, both by watching and asking.”