Jack & Butch Harmon disagree on short game

Taken from an article about Rory McIlroy’s chances of winning the Masters:


“Rory hits the ball from left to right so that’s the good news,” he says. “But I’m just not sure his short game is of the quality of some of the players. To win at Augusta you have to have enormous creativity and imagination.”


“It was me who told Rory in the first place when we had lunch last year that I never practised my short game because if I can hit 15 greens a round and hit a couple of par fives in two, and if I can make all my putts inside 10 feet, who cares where I chip it? The long game puts you in position to have putts to win tournaments. Guys say you have to have a short game to win tournaments and it is not the case.”

Here’s the full article:
belfasttelegraph.co.uk/sport … 39477.html

Apparently Rory hit the ball good enough to not need his short game… 65 and on the top of the board.

Yep. Heck of a round today. Quiros posted 65 too. Quiros, Woodland, and Vegas was fun to watch today.