It's a Sign!

There’s loads of funny (or just plain weird) signs on and around golf courses…
Just put 'em here!


There used to be a speed limit sign at Fig Garden in Fresno going down the hill into the parking lot that said like 8 1/2mph. Only place I ever saw that number, I know Lag remembers that one. Might still be there, I haven’t been there in over 15 yrs…


Here are three from a course I decided I no longer wanted to be a member at: (actual spelling used)

Around the practice green, two signs saying “No chipping to putter”. WTF? The fact that it’s been there a year has me wondering if I just don’t get it?

At the 6th tee, a sign looking at least 20 years old on the fence it shares with a house known to be a brothel: “No swearing, women and children inside”.

At the 18th tee, a nice, large, expensive sign saying “Players finishing the 9th are forbiden to cut in”.

Like shooting fish in a barrel