Italy edge to World Cup victory

Yeah baby!!! :smiley: :mrgreen: :astonished: :mrgreen:

that’s absolutely fantastic! i’ve played a lot of golf with edo since we were both 15 years old and i’m really, really chuffed for him.



well done italia :imp:

Damn you Pipp - I’ve been trying to avoid the media today as I have 90 minutes left to watch. :imp: Next year you type “Click here to see who won World Cup”.

Congrats. Heh, you’re an Aussie now anyway. :slight_smile:

Congrats for coming second (I presume) Styles. :smiley:

Grandissima Italia! Bravi, veramente bravi.
Bad luck Ireland. :wink:

Not an Aussie yet Steb, still waiting for the ceremony. Plus, I’ll always have an Italian passport and be Italian at heart…( I hope the immigration office don’t read this… :astonished: ).

Sorry, next year the post will come with a spoiler warning… :smiley:

Grazie Style. :smiley: Congratulations to Ireland too for almost forcing the play-off.

Finally watched the last 90 minutes - fantastic! The raw emotion showed by the Molinaris was great to watch and made me an instant fan.

What an amazing course as well. Breathtaking some of those shots.

No citizenship yet Pipp but I’ve seen you in your swing clip remember–you’ve already been converted.