It was only a matter of time

The white craze inevitably led to this: … er-colors/

Callaway will now offer drivers in several different colors. . . :confused:

Looks like they almost got the pentagram painting on the sweet spot right.

So they ran out of new ideas and have to come up with a new “rattle can” technology called paint? LOL.
Beware Callaway, Taylormade might sue you cause they came up with a white driver.

Henry Ford did have the black paint down for many years, but then they “innovated” with other colors. Century old industrial age technology is making a comeback!!! Whoohooo!

What next, apply your own snazzy stickers and glitter? Oh wait, I better patent that idea before they steal my “innovation”. (Bedazzlers will make a comeback too).

Oh well, at least its only color changes and not even more distance inducing tech.