Is Tiger hurt by technology?

I recently read an article published by asking whether Tiger has been hurt by technology. Assuming my reading comprehension was correct, the basic premise was that technology did hurt Tiger. It stated the modern golf balls with urethane covers, rather than the balata balls he played when he was so dominant, do not allow him to shape shots like he did in his youth. As I recall, the article did not mention anything about swing changes and/or injuries he incurred which might have affected his ability to maneuver the golf ball.

In addition, the article also mentioned his changes going from steel shafts in his woods, particularly his driver. Assuming I read the article correctly, it basically stated when he switched to graphite, his accuracy suffered, which made playing from the rough more difficult to attack hole locations.

Based on ABS principles for equipment, I agree. Being new to the ABS forum, I recently purchased an iron set (MacGregor Tourney Customs) set to ABS specs. I did this because the “standard,” upright irons I was fitted for became so bad for my back that I had to have spinal fusion, like Tiger. My surgeon, who is a golfer, told me I would have to learn to swing flat if I wanted to play golf pain free in the future. I have begun hitting 50-75 yard pitch shots and found with ABS equipment that my good pitches were really good, felt great, and tightened my dispersion. My bad shots were virtually straight and still in play. Even though I am not a professional, I carried a 7.4 index before my surgery and feel, based on personal experience, technology has hurt Tiger.

I’d be interested to hear others’ opinions to see what I can learn.

The ball argument doesn’t make a lot of sense - Tiger dominated the tour for a decade after solid core balls came out. He was one of the first to play a solid core ball.
The steel shafts in woods could have something. He was very accurate in 99-01 and then when he went to graphite he hit it all over the planet. That was about when he moved away from Butch also so could have been multiple things going on.

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I also think the 460cc heads hurt his driving a bit. He was a phenomenal driver with the steel shafted Cobra that had a smaller head.

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