Is this a 50's model or a remake?

are the photos below of a well kept 1950’s Macgregor Tourney M3 or a 1980’s remake?

the reason i ask is that all the m2 and M3 models i have seen online have a smoth face and the photo shown has grooves. also, the back shows the word colokrom rather than Touney.

if it is indeed a remake, is the guy dreaming trying to get $90 for it?
m3 back.jpg
m3 face.jpg

I don’t remember MacGregor remaking that model. It looks original to me. What do the shaft and grip look like.

I remember the brass model Mac Gregor made of that. I think I still have it somewhere.

It doesn’t matter now guys. I ended up buying a tommy armour IM5 (mint condition) and an old iron master’s 8352. Very happy with my choices. Damn they are heavy, particularly the im5