Is anyone currently selling ABS spec irons or woods?

Just getting a feel if any sets / individual clubs are available. Thanks!

I have about 30 sets of irons I am going to sell. Tell me what makes or models you might be interested in. All flat lies. Some R shafts/ some S shafts.

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Any Ben Hogan irons?

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I am interested in small heads with no offset that are flat, the brand itself matters far less to me. I am very curious as to what you have to offer!

Here are some Hogans I listed this morning on Ebay

I have a nice set of Palmer Standards and some Spalding Top Flites that are very nice. Let me know and I will list them on Ebay.

Hi John I have some Hogan Red Lines and other Wilson Dyna power stiff shafts

Our you in the US ?


Ballturf, I am in the US, in Florida. Private message me and let me know what’s available :-).

RDuhrin, those Hogan early 1970’s Apex’s look nice and Very Tempting!..

I purchased a set of the Hogan irons you had on offer here. They just arrived today and look great. Thanks!

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