Irons arrived, hopeful 5$ persimmons

The Wilson’s arrived woohoo! Gonna go hit em tomorrow and play a round. Also have a bid with six hours left on a persimmon 1,3,4 set. Spalding. Pictures below :smiley:


Nice set!

Yeeeaahhooooo!! Bid won. Five dollar persimmons, coming from inside Canada no less. 25 to my door! Also, thanks xsmith! The persimmons have R shafts so I know my first project :slight_smile:. Funny, I thought I would be working on my irons first. I got a chance to hit one ball today. I threw a bunch of lead tape on my clubs ‘except the six iron which has a longer hostel than the rest and feels half decent already’. Anyway, I pulled out a 2 iron. I have never hit a 2 iron in my life, or a forged blade for that matter. Now it was just about pitch black outside but I snuck onto a driving range and dropped an old scuffed up ball I had onto the turf. Closed my eyes and thought ‘if I can just drop to 430 I am gonna Mod 1 all over the backside of this ball’. Mind clear, easy backswing, drop into it, unload!..‘clickhiiisssssssssss…’ Pured 2 iron. Best thing I have ever felt through a club shaft in my life. I have no idea where that ball went, but just before I hit that shot I saw a thin red line trace a gentle piercing fade into the night. That is how I will choose to remember that shot. It was like a religious experience. I would t be surprised if I never hit another cavity back ever again.