Iron Lie Angles? help

Can someone let me know how to best gauge my correct lie angle?
is hitting a board w/ tape the best way, how do you measure and convert to degrees to bend?
would you bend the longer irons more than the shorter because of shaft bending more w/ long irons?
Thought since alot of ABS students are flattening their clubs, someone would steer me correctly. thx.

I am not a student of ABS but I have flattened my irons recently after realizing my natural posture does not set the club flat at address. Forget the lie board since it is dependent on so many factors. I would say a static fitting would be optimal as long as you actually feel comfortable and not subconsciously trying to adjust your hands to the lie angle. Depending on whether your irons are forged or not and how nice the pro shop guy is you can always just guess and test.

I personally do not buy into shaft droop cause I feel that it is impossible for anybody to be truly consistent if they are not starting from one standard point (club sole flat at address). Hogan and Nicklaus were both empathic about addressing the ball with club sole flat.

On the topic of lie angle progression, it seemed that traditionally the lie angles were 1 degree apart (I could be wrong) and now often 0.5 degrees apart. Is there any reason for this?

The lie angles get flatter as the clubs get longer. The concept is that you don’t really have to change your set up or hand position all that much.

Not sure why modern drivers that are 46 inches have 64 degree lie angles. People making these clubs need their heads examined. My driver is 43.5 and sets at 48 degrees. If I played a 46 inch driver, it would be even flatter. One of the reasons we have so many persimmon players here is that persimmons can be retrofitted flatter while their titanium grandchildren are too brittle and will crack if you vise them and try to move them more than a couple degrees. Call me crazy, but I like a block I can widdle on, file on, bend, or re drill the neck.

Learning how to work on your own gear can teach you a lot about golf, your swing, the history of the game, and bring you into a deeper connection to the game.

Hey guys, I wanted to ask a question about the flattened lie angles. Do you typically flatten every iron in the bag by the same amount, or some more than others? Thanks.

I flattened all of mine the same amount to keep the spacing the same. Clubs are designed to have progressive lie angles, and if you bend them all the same, you keep the spacing the same as it was originally. You could also bend them different amounts and experiment with different spacing.

Cool, thanks. I had an Apex II 6-iron flattened 4 degrees yesterday after reading thru many of the posts on this forum. I love it, it feels perfect, but I wasnt sure how to go about getting all of my clubs done. Thanks again.

I probably should post this under “birdies and bogies” because it’s a bogey on my part. But it fits this thread better. I’ve been struggling with my sand wedge. Pulled shots and when opening the wedge, a shot that acts like a shank, but is really a skull. And I can’t find the center of the face on a full shot. When addressing this club it just doesn’t seem to sit right. So last night I’m ranting to my wife about it and showing her in the living room (while doing some module 3 work). “It seems that this club is just too upright”. She says “looks like the toe of the club is too high”. So today I take it the the club and ask Hank if he will bend it flat. “Sure, as soon as you and Bob (Bentshaft) are ready to help with the measurements”. Bob’s out short game practicing, I tell him the situation. “Did we not bend that club with the others?” I don’t remember, but this wedge is just not right. Bob reshafted this set of Hogan Bounce soles for me and afterwords we adjusted the lofts and lies to fit me, (1 degree weak, 3 degrees flat) but now I’m thinking we forgot to do the si. To the loft/lie machine we go. The sand wedge measures about 66 degrees. 2 degrees up from standand and my clulbs are 3 degrees flat. Hank bends it 5 degrees down. Magic. Pitches and flops are now much better, and full shots are flagging, with a good swing. Finally finding the sweet spot.