Hello Mr. Hughes,

I am a new student and was asked by Lag to introduce myself. Until now I have never posted on a Forum. I hope I do it right. That being said, I have read many golfing Forums but never participated.

First, I have enjoyed viewing your golfing history. Pretty cool at age 15 to have a party with Greg Norman not to mention all of your incredible accomplishments. I spent many hours over the years watching Mr. Norman. The “Shark” and I are the same age. I have to concede he is a much better golfer and that is why I am here.

I worked at a course during my school years and was able to play with very good golfers. Although I could get around the course pretty well and even won a trophy at age 13, I was never a consistent solid striker of the ball. I got away from the game for years, playing occasionally, but it has always been in my soul with past thoughts of playing on the tour still creeping in. I have a lot of nostalgia regarding golf sometimes thinking why didn’t I practice more or believe in myself and not get discouraged and give up. I still pop in Follow the Sun and live the Hogan romance. You probably see tour life a little different with the good and the bad since you have done it but to me it is full or history and romance.

So here I am still wanting to watch the ball fly solidly off my club heading for the target. As Hogan said in Five Lessons, “One of the greatest pleasures in golf–I can think of nothing that truly compares with it unless it is watching a well-played shot streak for the flag–is the sensation a golfer experiences at the instant he contacts the ball flush and correctly.” And that is why I am here and excited to be part of this experience.

I am honored to get a chance to learn from you and John. Dave Almond (littlealm)

there is a “Students Introduce yourself” section in the private area. it will be good to post there.

nice intro littlealm.

Hope you get those feelings soonest.

Welcome littlealm,
Glad you made it to the ABS program. Your journey ahead will help you attain the highest level of golfing standards you could possibly wish for. The other students also all pass on some great information and encouragement along the way in the module sections-- so don’t feel shy about posting your feelings and experiences as you move along.
Like macs said- there is an introduce yourself section in the private area which is a great place to tell us all about where you’ve been, what you are after and anything else that is interesting.
I have learned a great deal myself from others here, or by being asked questions which I could then put my mind to and something wonderful appeared that I hadn’t really thought of before- so I feel I could not be in a better place myself either than here at ABS… Good Luck

I like to say thank you to everyone for your kind comments. It is nice to feel welcome and to be in the company with kindred spirits. By the way, is there a spell-check on this–I think I spelled kindred right…I hope.

I will do the intro in the student introduction area. Before I did the intro here Lag told me to introduce myself in both places. Thanks again. I look forward to learning for all of you.

The last sentence on my previous post was suppose to read “from all of you” instead of “for all of you”. It’s early!

Welcome Littlealm.