Interview with Bradley Hughes by Rod Morri

Thank you for posting that article Lagpressure. I really enjoyed reading it.

Great article and well written! Ditto with LeftH for posting it


That was fun reading…class stuff!

I cannot decide who has golf’s best forearms…Palmer, Parry, or Hughes. I would say put them to good use and go for it! :slight_smile: RR

Really great stuff, guys, thanks for sharing. I’m rooting for you all the way, Twomasters- I love a good story!..

What a great treat to wake up and find this article to per-ooze with my morning coffee.
As a member of Pebble Creek I can add first hand that Mr. Hughes has definitely breathed new life into our club and energized its members like no other. He is an exceptional teacher and ambassador of golf. He has won our hearts with his hard work and amazing game… we know he belongs on a much bigger stage so we are happy to have him while we can and of course (I’ll) we’ll root for him always. GO HUGO!!!

ps. RR, Yes the forearms are formidable and I am sure he has the calves to match…(you should see the hill he has to climb) but like all good pros, I’ve never seen him in shorts :smiley:

Thanks everyone-
I am looking forward to getting out and playing again.
It has been a while but I feel very comfortable with my swing thanks to ABS…even my putter is co-operating (for now!!!) so it should be a good trip.
the break away from the game has certainly energized me back to appreciating golf again and what it has meant to me over the years.

I am unsure if the events I am playing will be on The Golf Channel…sometimes if a European event is on they seem to take precedence over us down there… wish they could get their priorities in order. :smiley:
However the scores can be watched online at

My persimmon driver will make the trip for practice purposes and a 1 iron may get in the bag depending on the course setup at the venues, that will raise some eyebrows for sure.

Pity I couldn’t take enough time off to play in The Masters next week, but that will certainly be on TV with Tiger playing and should be interesting to watch

Yeah that was an enjoyable read.
Good luck with the coming tournaments Two. I hope they show some of it on Sky TV Italia. I want to be able to say I bought my golf clubs from that player there on the tele! :slight_smile:

Great article!

We will be rooting for you.

Hey Brad, thanks for taking part in the interview and like everyone else I wish you the best of luck on your trip down here. It’ll be very interesting to see the looks of some of the younger guys if you do put that 1-iron in the bag. There’ll be a few in the field who would never have seen one! Look forward to hopefully catching up when you’re in Sydney. I’ll even pay for the beer if we can make it happen.

A very enjoyable read, wish you all the best “down under”!


Al Barkow played with us that day at Pasa Tiempo last year, and he still talks about how impressed he was with Bradley’s striking. Al kept saying “why aren’t you out on tour killing them?” Bradley prior to coming out here had spent 3 or 4 months working on module #1 and #2, which very much focus on the heart of the golf swing.

Bradley didn’t really need to build anything new, just needed to be reminded. You can’t really unknow something. It’s all there… and he showed me… both at our rounds at Mare, The Olympic Club and of course Pasa.

I really wanted to see Bradley play on real golf courses, which we did…

Tournament golf is always very much about putting, even in the persimmon age. You still need to putt. Bradley’s game and my own are similar in that we usually hit the ball well, and then just wait it out for the putter to cooperate. You can’t force it… and patience is the key.

Ideally, you want to play a fairly full schedule to give yourself the best opportunity for success. Some players have to also wait for the good ball striking weeks to line up with the hot putting weeks… so that really takes a lot more patience. The greats have the ability to strike it well most every week, and putt well most every week… and that is what makes them special.

We’ll all have fun rooting for Bradley on his trip down under this month…which I am sure will be a success.

So when is Bradley’s next event?

I’ve heard he’s entering the NSW Open (25-28 November) but would like to hear it from the man himself (long drive up there!)

NSW Open Nov 25-28 in Newcastle
Australian Open Dec 2-5 in Sydney
Aust PGA Dec 9-12 at Coolum

A long way from Kansas
and its dust in the wind.

It’s under your wings to a world
down under
But may the dust prevail
like subtle thunder!

Play well…

Thanks RR

I thought I would drop a link to my own website on ABS here for those interested who don’t get access to the student area on Advanced Ball Striking.
I do most of my talking :smiley: in the student area so maybe someone will gain some more insight by visiting the site.

I wanted to say thanks to all who I have dealt with at ABS over the past 16 months or so. It’s the coolest golf site around (and I am just not saying that)…and growing stronger…
We have had some great posts by many different people that are thoughtful, helpful, even necessary!!! at times. It is fun to be around and I learn stuff myself all the time from reading posts.

I have unashamedly said it before that Lag is the smartest man I have ever met with regards to the golf swing. You are all very lucky…(and me too)…to continue to learn and advance our games

Mys ite has a few facts, figures, films and fun that may or may not be of interest, but here it is.
I have had the website up for just over a year now and just recently changed it’s appearance for easier viewing and I add things from time to time.

Happy Golfing

Great website.
I want to join the others and add my “wish you well” also. Go get’um !

Great read, play well two…I might just have a few quid each way :wink: