Interesting moment in golf history

At 3:09 Sergio’s right foot slips in an interesting way. I often think that this was the moment that modern golf swings were born - soft spikes have a lot to answer for.


Amazing how far shoes have advanced to benefit the game- all the way from solid leather platforms to plastic flat bottomed swamp boats.

That was quite a good kick from the left leg, wonder if he was a soccer player growing up.

Yeah, it was a pretty good left footed kick alright, big soccer fan as far as I know. He also tees his ball up with his left hand, marks/replaces his ball too I’m pretty sure. He plays tennis right handed, though, so maybe he’s a switch hitter.

Stenson is left handed and Mickelson is right handed, I wonder how that affects things. I always remember it being said that Hogan was left handed, but I’ve never seen it confirmed. Anyone else?

I always worked to train the coordination in my left side because I’m very right sided. Have you tried to brush your teeth with your other hand? It’s borderline embarrassing for me, my head even tries to help out - just hold the brush in place and move the head around the place :grin:

Thanks for posting that video… I have never seen it… but I have to side with Sergio here… these modern shoes are terrible.

I suspect he was trying out the early bowling shoes on a golf course?

One thing they do is quickly deteriorate a golf swing. Flatter swings needs better shoes because the forces are more circular on the ground… and rotational… not as much up and down.

I need to do a youtube video about this…


Yeah, I agree they’re a disaster - it’s what I was trying to get at. He probably went from wearing steel spiked Classics his whole life, to wearing these Adidas running shoes and finding out the hard way that he couldn’t do what he was doing with that right leg/foot. Then anyone growing up in the modern era, learning the game with these sorts of shoes on, would just have to find another way to do it. And the modern/shite swing was born.

Interestingly, it’s hard to find a course that will let you wear proper golf shoes these days, even though they’re not against the rules of the game.

Did this thread sound like I was praising soft spikes? :thinking:

It’s been a while since I’ve been doing this stuff online, so maybe I should have been more explicit in my meaning.

By ‘Interesting moment in golf history’, I meant, ‘disastrous moment in golf history’ :wink:

I know my comment was sarcastic about soft spikes, but I couldn’t find a sarcastic emoji on the board’s list. Lag needs to get a sarcastic emoji. :smiley:

Here an interesting take too about those pointy things sticking in the ground if anyone hasn’t seen it. Cheers!


I figured that initially Double R, but Lag’s reply made me wonder if he thought we were posting in praise of boat shoes - and if I’d misread your apparent sarcasm, and you were too!

Never mind soft spikes, the internet has a lot to answer for!

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One upside of them being ubiquitous nowadays, is most courses don’t bother having a ‘soft spikes only’ rule any more.

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That’s right! I hardly ever see “Soft Spikes Only” signs at golf courses nowadays.

A few years back I played at my local municipal course with my steel spikes and no one said anything. Time for a comeback perhaps? :smiley:

Good shout, as a friend of mine always says, “say nothin’ til’ you hear more”. Always liked that one.

I made the mistake of asking my club their policy, I should’ve known…

Seems a vast majority of decisions made in golf recently… from “around the club” to the “pro tours” have been made by people who don’t understand the golf swing… or the finer points of the game… even architecture.

That being said, I just play the proper game and leave it at that.