Interesting find

Here is an interesting website.

It contains a digital archive of the magazine “Golfdom” reaching all the way back to 1927.
This magazine is really focused on people in the golf business, but there is still interesting reading.

This really made me think about you, Bradley.
Here is an article about how Ben Hogan set up his pro shop when he was the head pro at Tamarisk. … 3jun44.pdf

There are articles about everything from teaching to turfgrass.
Interesting stuff.

This is a hilarious look into the mind of a teaching professional written by Tommy Armour. … 1jun28.pdf

Here is a fun one.
A British golf writer comes to the states and thinks our courses are too well kept.
He then goes on to predict that Nelson and Snead don’t really have a chance to win at St. Andrews that year because of the difference in course conditions. … 6apr27.pdf

65 years later, woods have nothing to do with irons.
In a proper set, you would have a gradation right through the set in length, lie angle, dead weight, shaft flex and swing weight.

They had it right back then.

Looking through ebay I came across this set: … 500wt_1199

I just got a set of MacGregor Armours that have the same triangle with dots on the face, but I have never seen anything like these. They are beautiful.