Interesting Brandel Chamblee interview

Not all about the swing but a good interview with some interesting thoughts by Chamblee about modern teaching. We don’t get much of him here in Australia which seems a shame from what I read in this story. … -1,00.html

Nice find Rod. I’ve always liked Chamblee’s commentary…this is a great interview.

Nice to have some more perspective related to where he’s coming from.



I like the story he related about Hogan asking Dickinson what shot he’d hit if his life depended on it and Dickinson said, ‘Ball back in stance, trap draw,’ which he proceeded to hit to win the 1967 Colonial. I hope someday ABS lets me answer: high power knucklefade that moves only three yards off center, all day, everyday.

Thanks for that, Rod, very interesting. I like Chamblee, he’s a good analyst and a thoughtful one too. It’s always good to get a more in depth view of some of the thoughts…

Well I can say that Brandel is a better interviewer than an interviewee. I remember him snubbing our sports writer after
I beat him at our tournament in 1983. He was whining about everything on the golf course, and how the greens were too
fast and the rough too high. Of course Mark Brooks was like the coolest cat ever. Smoking a whole pack of cigarettes in
one round and looking as cool as Elvis or James Dean. I really loved watching Mark Brooks play. What a great shotmaker.

It was just funny to hear Brandel complain about how Tiger treats the press. But of course, that was a long time ago.

This was a fun week…

Wow…very refreshing article. I don’t really watch golf much anymore though. I’ve heard Brandel before and knew he was competent, but his comments are Miller-esque. Golf needs that.

Gary McCord is goofy, but was best when paired with Ben Wright. His foil being Peter Kostis just doesn’t have the same chemistry. Add David Feherty (who I really like) who is also a nut, but a Tiger apologist. When Feherty talks about Tiger, it’s like watching Barack Obama playing at foreign politics. Too much bowing and scraping. :wink:

As far as Chamblee not really making a big splash on the PGA Tour - I think it’s because he’s got a terrible name. Brandel Chamblee sounds more like a bad vintage wine from a second-rate French vineyard. :wink:

Captain Chaos

And by ‘foreign politics’ you mean dealing with Republicans? You’re right, way too much bowing and scraping! :mrgreen:

Brandel has some old school sensibility. I like Miller also. Not sure I agree with all their swing analysis, but as far as the game, Brandel understands the game. Golf needs that, as the game has been disappearing as the years go by… the nuances and subtle elements that made golf the great game it once was.

I assume that in a few years, they will have announcers who do a great job of observing how long the players hit the ball, and how great their putting is… and of course a great understanding of the USGA decisions book.

Whoa! What a mop there Lag! I miss the 80’s… that’s all that needs to be said.

I did read the Brandel interview and I enjoyed it. Personally I really like that he is one of a VERY small handful of people that will say anything negative about Tiger without fear of him getting snubbed for a year or two (as Tiger has done to certain people at NBC).

I happen to agree with Brandel’s thoughts on Tiger’s swing. I thing Tiger was as natural a swinger as you can be (sorry to the Greg Norman fans). I don’t know what the heck he’s got going on now. Someone inspired by stack and tilt, and some other stuff? Previous to that was possibly worse? Anyway. Totally off track rant there. Sorry.

Actually what I thought was MORE interesting was the “What’s In the Bag” article with Bernhard Langer which showed he uses Hogan blades for his 3-5 irons I believe. (circa 95?)

I think my point was… GREAT hair Lag!

I noticed that also. Heck, he’s ( quite successfully) playing for big money, and this is what he has chosen.

Ouch!! We used to be friends.

And this is why he needs to stop bowing and scraping- no matter how hard he tries, Republicans just don’t want to be friends with him. As a lefty, I’m always open to friendship regardless of stripe, so I’m still here for you :wink:

Like someone else said, it may have been Geoff Jones…“if you like golf, there’s a good chance we can get along.” I agree with that. 18 holes then a beer summit to discuss hitting, swinging, shoulder tilt, forearm rotation, pivot, blades, balatas…or even “crossed wedges”.

Eagle, when the UN needs a new SecGen, you’ve got my vote.

Values and beliefs are personal. Two ways to create a heated debate: religion and politics. I have friends from all walks of life and beliefs and I feel like you regarding stripe. As a Libertarian who leans toward the conservative, my comment was more tonque in check.

I have always valued your input on this forum. I am glad you are still here for me as I feel the same. Hey, we have Tiny Dancer and golf in common we both must have something going for us.


littlealm wrote

Yep, figured it was…I thought that quote was a good one (if you like golf…), so I posted it. I think the UN should try some golf experiments on some of their problem areas.

We all seem to not just like, but LOVE golf here. What a great place.

These are, and always will be, the things that are important between people, regardless of what the noise making power seekers may try to tell us. No one person has the right to tell any other person how to live their life- I will always believe this.
Cheers, and always the best,


You are well named…taking the high ground!