Insert Pattern Copier(Persimmon wood)

[size=150]I have been learning how to rebuild, repair and refinish persimmon woods for a couple of years now and recently acquired a set of mens R/H 1952 MacGregor Tourney M85’s. The insert on the driver is not original and a new old insert has been found and re-fitted.
I have since learned that there was a tool designed and built to help the club builder do this job. This thread is for any experienced club builders out there who might have an old Insert Pattern Copier “laying around” not in use and for sale! When I learn how to attach a photo - I will - until then - please e mail me for a good scanned copy of the tool.

Mr. Blair M. Phillips[/size]

Can you tell us a little more about this tool?

Well Lagpressure - The tool I was looking for has been found - and to my surprise - by Golfworks! They had a few left. I have never used one of these tools but it must be easier than the way I duplicated the replacement insert. I beleive the idea behind the tool is to lay the two prong tool into a cleaned out persimmon wood cavity, secure each prong against the walls of the cavity width and carefully lift the Insert Pattern Copier(IPC) out of the insert cavity. Then, I beleive, you place the IPC onto the new replacement insert and “trace” the pattern of the insert onto the insert. The idea is to duplicate the exsisting insert pattern onto the new insert. The next step is to very carefully file away insert material to the pattern traced onto the new insert. I have tried to upload the picture of the tool scanned from page 105 of the Maltby “RED” Book but can not.
St. Catharines

I received the “Insert Pattern Copier” earlier in the week from Golfworks, Ohio. Cost? $10.00 a piece. Attached(i hope) is a picture.DSCN6379.JPG

Great, thanks…

that makes sense… I can see how that would work…