Infamous Golf Holes Second 18

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No. 20 Wild River Golf Course
This is located on the wild Temperance River whose rapid waters twist and roar down through a 220 foot drop to meet and wed the Lake Superior’s sky blue Gitchee Gummee. With water everywhere, the only shot here is a perfectly timed ball executed to the center of a postage stamp green. But whoa! Anything less than perfection could lead to double, triple or quadruple bogies with the possibility of scores that simply don’t have names. Number 9 handicap. 175 Yards, Par 3

No. 21 Putters Golf and Lawn Bowling Club
They say putting is half the game, here to every good putters delight it’s the whole game. The only trouble here in Mammoth Flats Texas is that high maintenance expenses and union flag holders makes dues enormous. One can save, however, as only one club and ball are ever needed. With the greens stinted at 38, enormous putts are possible. Good putters are usually happy tagging up. Great putters on occasion will go for it. Here we see Ben going for one enroute to a course record 24. Number 17 handicap. 375 Yards Par 2
No_21_Putters_Golf_and_Lawn_ Bowling_Club.jpg

This is my fave one- trevino hitting the big cut dogleg- priceless!

No. 22 Trevino Trails Horseshoe
To the slicer this hole is an architectural masterpiece. On the other hand, to the hooker it is a sadistical nightmare. Usually they take one look and storm off in disgust. This is Lee’s favorite. No wonder, it plays clockwise and is conducive for setting up the famous Trevino fade. Many double-eagle two’s have been registered here and all by the master himself. On this course all carts steer only to the right. Right to left hitters are requested to take guides, although not mandatory. Number 9 handicap. 530 Yards Par 5 - Slicer’s Dream Hole.

this is named in honor of the great escape artist Seve

No. 23 Troubleshooters Golf Club & Wildlife Preserve
This hole is in El Desolato Spain is Seve’s favorite. A troubleshooters’ dream hole or anyone else that cannot keep the ball on the fairway. With a team of 413 pelotrones, or ball finders to keep the play moving, the troubleshooter can easily defeat the disgustingly straight hitters that will choke under the unaccustomly frustrating conditions. Number 6 handicap. 535 Yards Par 4

No. 24 The Hole of 10,000 Lakes
With a breathtaking view like this, and the roar of a wild river as a backdrop, a golfer can’t help but feel strong and determined. But beware of things that no one can control, mainly Minnesota’s violent minute-to-minute weather changes that can detour even a perfectly struck shot into disaster. However, after the Department of Natural Resources granted equal tee times to the creatures, many errant shots have been turned into birdies by a friendly gallery always willing to help. Number 12 handicap. 235 Yards, Par 3

No. 25 Lester Prairie Municipal
The last truly pure Country club hole in this part of the continent. Although this was a copy of a discarded hole from a prestigious club nearby, it is still the player’s favorite, especially since City Hall finally OKed the green transition from sand to grass. A tough hole that would once keep you on your toes is now relatively easy due to a local rate change which allows a free drop from cow pies. Number 15 handicap. 413 Yards, Par 4

sorry about this pic- small file and that’s the best it will go for some reason

No. 26 Mesabi Mine & Golf Course
This was once a peaceful, easy hole that leisurely worked it’s way through the local countryside. But in 1892, when a local golfer named Bunyan took an extra large divot, everything changed. Iron ore was discovered! Havoc ensued as iron quotas produced daily course and distance changes, thus making the club selection nearly impossible. Also adding to the hole’s difficulty was always having in the back of one’s mind the thought that a blast of dynamite could occur on any given backswing. Number 13 handicap. 275 Yards, Par 4

No. 27 North Shore Golf & Sea Club
Sometimes this hole seems to be made in heaven, but when a Minnesota northerly blows in, dropping temperatures 90 degrees within minutes, this North Shore hole is a devil’s nightmare and is unequated as a test of skill and courage. But no matter how damnable the conditions, the hardy Viking golfers still play. Asked why they compete in this weather, the answer is always the same: “If you don’t play golf in this weather, you don’t play golf at all.” Number 1 Handicap. 483 Yards, Par 4


Here we see Arie Luyendyk teeing off on Indy’s signature hole. Because he is equally fast on the golf course or on the track Fred Treadway (team owner) feels a few quick holes during pit stops is a must to keep his team sharp and relaxed. In winning the 1997 INDY 500, the team captured the pole position and came in first and second, an accomplishment never before equaled. A tribute to the Treadway Racing Team and to Arie Luyendyk, one of the greatest drivers to ever circle the track.

No. 29 Wall Street Golf & Flying Club - 103 Stories
Located above the smog line, this airport is a pilot’s dream. Although wind conditions on this tight hanging runway create unstable conditions, there is the reassuring thought that an over shot runway is nothing more than a slight embarrassment. But more important, this airport gives pilots and tycoons alike access to their cherished Wall Street tee times. Handicap: No facilities
No_29_LG ARPORTwall sTreet.jpg

No. 30 Niagara Falls

Niagra Falls - no description needed

No. 31 Big Sur Golf & Flying Club
o the cry of “Flaps up! Surf’s up! Tee up!” pilots, surfers and golfers test their skills at this soggy club with a convenient seaside location. Mighty waves, raging tides and a well-watered golf course await your approach. Despite unpredictable currents, landings here are less challenging since the weather bureau took over tower duties. Pilots beware of hooks, slices and errant tee shots. Carts and aircraft to remain on paths at all times.

Handicap: watershear.
No_31_Big Sur Golf & Flying Club.jpg

No. 32 Mount Everest Golf, Climbing & Flying Club
This course is a nightmare for pilots, climbers and golfers alike. Just getting there is a challenge equal to conquering the mountain itself. The abominable weather conditions and an altitude of 28,000 feet, score is never mentioned. Instead, golfers are asked what hole level they achieved. Duffers come from all over the world hoping to be immortalized as the first ever to hole out at the Top of the World. Course record: 17th level, Sir Peregrine Hunnicutt, O.K.E., assisted by Sir Edmund Hillary, 1951.

No. 33 Mount Rushmore National Public Links
365 Yards, Par 4

A demanding straight forward hole, yet one of the easiest in the beautiful Black Hills area of South Dakota. However, after Congress decided to redo the mountain with more deserving heroes, the scores went up dramatically. Obviously, it was due to the intimidation of the great ones watching your every move. Handicap change is being considered. Number 15 handicap. Features Arnold Palmer, Jack Niclaus, Sam Sneed, and Bobby Jones.