indoor practice / divots

my problem last summer was fat shots ,although i seem to be doing better now, sometimes hitting balls into nets indoors you cant really tell exactly where you are making contact with the ground. same issue with driving range mats. (at home i use the almost golf ball in my garage, so its even less obvious than a real ball). i was just wondering if anyone has come up with a way to tell where you are contacting the ground while practicing not on grass. the best i have come up with so far is i hit off a plastic mat and use a spray bottle to make some water droplets and then put the ball down. you can kind of see where you make contact, but just looking for other ideas.

In my golfing dungeon I have an old carpet rug nailed to the floor. For checking my lowpoint I’ll simply spray onto it. All sorts can work, glitter spray from any decent stationary outlet should see you right, hell even rob some lipstick off the wife!

do you put the spray on the sole of the club to see where it leaves a mark? or do you put it directly onto the carpet?

Sraight onto the carpet works best for me :slight_smile:

A lifetime in the sun belt - Scottsdale/San Antonio - has worked for me… Don’t need a dungeon when you can golf in shorts on New Years day.