Increased lie angles needed ...

…the further the horizontal COG is positioned from the centre of the hosel??

At least that is what Ralph Matlby appears to be saying here:

He explains why he routinely increases the lie angle in models where the horizontal COG is located far from the hosel centre-line.

This is the first time that I have seen a designer explain why the COG change (associated with desire to increase MOI) actually mandates a more upright lie angle.

Sorry if this is old news for some…

Here in the latest Maltby Playability databook - you can see the “c dim” measure he uses: … itions.pdf

Varies in this years models from : 1.140" (Mizuno MP69 6 iron) to 1.586 (Ping G20)

Nearly 1/2 an inch difference in the horizontal COG location (measured at the sole plane).

It may not be the main reason for the increasing lie angles but it is interesting to see it being discussed at least…most of the time these things are just hidden…