Impact of Equipment on the player: Matthew Goggin

I thought this was pretty interesting from an article in the Aussie press in December:

Similar story published again today following his win on the Nationwide Tour

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1 cm does not add 2* of lie angle.

So 0.6 cm does not add 2* of lie angle.

Not even close.

It takes about 1/2 and inch to make 1* of lie angle

Goggin was using some Taylor Made R7 TP irons before going to Callaway. R7 TP irons…5-iron measures in at 60.5* for lie angle. Have no idea what he’s using for Callaway, but their new Razr X-Forged irons…5-iron measures in at 61.0*.

Sounds like the placebo effect.


You might well be right Richie, though perhaps a combination of actual and placebo effect. Actually if you look at the second link I posted the change is stated as even more dramatic lol!:

Tom Wishon says that 1/2" = 1* of lie angle. I do trust him.

1 centimeter = 0.393701 inches


0.6 cm = 0.23622 inches

Perhaps the article got the number of cms wrong.

For it to be 2* more upright, we would need 1 full inch extra shaft.

However, we need to remember that Callaways were likely about 0.5* more upright than his Taylor Made. Let’s say that’s correct, so he may have had somehwere around 1/2 inch longer shafts (along with the standard specs of the Callaways already being 0.5* more upright).

Perhaps they got centimeter and inches wrong and perhaps it was supposed to say 0.6 inches longer (along with his clubs already more upright).


Yep hard to believe that a player wouldn’t notice his shafts were that much longer having changed sets. I don’t really understand exactly the concept of the “effective lie angle” rather than “actual lie angle” anyway if I am honest.

Lord, this one could be a bigger joke than the last one about the guy who lost his card because he had S4s instead of S3s… The same knuckleheads print this crap and the downfall of Federer a couple years ago leaving out the small detail that he had mono. I had it in '07 and I’m still not 100%, what Fed did when he was sick was about the most impressive thing I’ve seen. And these so-called journalists need to turn on the brain cells.

I agree. I can tell if my irons are a 1/4 inch shorter or longer immediately.

Lie angle is just the lie angle of the club. So if they get a protractor that measures lie angle and it comes to 60* with a 5-iron. That’s your lie angle.

However, the longer the shaft, the more upright the club will play. The shorter the shaft, the flatter the club will play. That’s where the “effective lie angle” stuff comes in.

Let’s take Mickelson last year. Let’s say his 5-iron measured in at 61*. However, let’s say that his 5-iron is 39 inches long (according to reports, his shaft lenghts were +1 inch longer).

Now let’s take Goosen. Same exact club with the same lie angle of 61*. But the difference is his 5-iron is 38 inches in length.

38 inches is approximately standard length for a 5-iron these days (it’s either 37.75 or 38.0" these days).

So Goosen’s 5-iron would effectively play at 61* of lie angle (61* lie angle + 0 inches extra shaft = 61* effective lie angle). But Mickelson, his lie angle would be playing at 63* effective lie angle (61* lie angle + 1 inch of extra shaft which equals 2* upright = 63* effective lie angle).


I sorta disagree.

The difference in 2010 between the player with the 10th lowest scoring average and the 127th lowest scoring average was 1.08 strokes.

2* could probably make a slight difference. You’re not going to compress the ball as well as you should and are more likely to hit a hook. 4* too much lie angle? I think that would absolutely make a difference. Major disadvantage against the rest of the field.

The problem I have is buying into the ‘I couldn’t tell my irons were 0.6" longer.’ I know many PGA Tour pros are aloof to this, but I think most are not. Give me a few 5-irons and I can tell what’s right and what’s short and what’s long.


That sounds about right…

Come on now, there’s nothing but that bad math saying whether or not the clubs were too far upright and more importantly what golf pro can’t tell at first glance that his irons are too upright even if he can’t tell if they’re 1/4" too long… Plus if he switched from TM to Cally he probably went from a taper tip to a bore-thru parallel shaft which is a way bigger change than 1/4" here or there. I wonder how many tour players even know the difference these days. Too many computers spitting out useless data not enough common sense like logging your misses.