I sent this vid to every slicer I know.

This is really great stuff… Several different instructors and Bradley straightened him out in 30 mins… youtube.com/watch?v=3o6Uzoqv … pi07tp93pw

Mod 1 is awesome.

It really is quite remarkable, the change. The before, where the student has all this width at the top with a bit of torso lean toward the target, if I could only streeetch a little more I will really pound it. In all fairness though, Brad’s student here looks like a good golfer to begin with and made the changes quickly.

But so far from the slot, like going into a turn with a BMW M3 with the brakes engaged, the engine stalling. That’s what’s so great about ABS, teach impact first, hip high to hip high. Those first few drills really inform and change the backswing and gets one closer to where the action really is.

The car analogy is apt. I drive a manual, just a garden variety BMW 3 series. It’s 12 yrs old, but I can tell you the cornering ability on this puppy is phenomenal, if you access it. Coming into a turn the key is to accelerate, not take your foot off the gas pedal or tap the brake pedal. In fact, the key is to upshift and gas it into the turn. Heady stuff and needs to be trained. Just like the golf swing. Upshift through the turn, hard, and hold on.

I believe from memory the student in the video was in the 18-20 handicap range… the ball strike and direction in this short space of time during the lesson was phenomenal in it’s alteration

Then absolutely even more incredible and congratulations to him and you. You know, Brad, the more I follow your posts here, there and everywhere, the more I learn. It seeps in to this hard noggin of mine, but it gets through and makes total sense.