I Need a Camera

So…my buddy Hoganut and I are out on the range a month or 2 ago…all was well…I hadnt taken any vids of my swing in quite awhile, so it was time. I got it all set up, and was getting ready to hit a couple when a HUGE gust of wind came up and blew the damn thing over and crushing the lenses together. It was a Casio FC 100 and I loved that little sucker, even though I used it rarely.

What I need are replacement ideas with a MAX price of 250 and preferably in the 200 range. The Casios similar to mine are no more for whatever reason.

Thanks for any help


Well that stinks! I am not sure that Casio has much competition for their high-speed digital cameras, though it has been a while since I looked into this. I got the Exilim EX-ZR100 earlier this year, and I am very happy with it. Unfortunately it somewhat exceeds your upper price limit. I bought mine new off ebay, and payed $279.- including shipping.

Question is, do you really need the high frame rate functionality?

I used to have one of the more expensive Casio high speed camera’s but sold it to help fund a ‘normal’ DSLR.

When i record my swing in ‘real time’ I can always decrease playback speed on the computer later.
Obviously the results aren’t as smooth as with the Casio’s because you’ll get some loss of frames, but the results are still more than good enough to see most of the things you want to see. At least for me.

And a side benefit is that a ‘normal’ camera will also record in dimly lit rooms whereas the casio needs a lot of light for the high frame rate stuff.

A fair question. As for me, I don’t need it, I consider it a luxury. If I videotape 10 range sessions, I bring my simpler and cheaper Canon with me 8 times, and the Casio 2 times. I can pick up plenty @ 30 fps (flaws per second :slight_smile: ) and record @ 240 fps only when I want a very detailed look at what is going on.

If you keep an eye on ebay for used casio’s, you can find some deals. I purchased an EX FH-100 used for $185 a little over a year ago on there. They really are the ideal portable video setup. The higher end models (i.e. FH-25) are too bulky to bring along to the golf course.

Thanks guys—I ended up with the Canon elph 300 HS—( $170) looks like it will fit my needs


Hi guys,

I managed to pick up a second hand Casio EX-FC100 in the UK. Can anyone provide any guidance on an appropriate memory card for use with it (size in GB, type - SD etc, brand)?

Thanks, Arnie

When I got my camera about 8 months ago, a different model (see the 2nd post in this thread), I had to go through this exercise. The instructions that came with the camera weren’t really helpful, and I ended up searching the internet, finding conflicting information regarding the desired specifications for the memory card. At some point I decided to just wing it, and went to the store and bought what I felt was a decent compromise between price and performance. I ended up with this:

30 MB/s
16 Gb
Sandisk Ultra

This has worked out just fine for me. This post is hardly ‘guidance’, but it is all I can offer.

One of these should suit you fine:

amazon.com/SanDisk-SDSDB-102 … +card+1+gb

Many thanks slight_fade and LipOut :smiley: