I can't afford to keep paying to get clubs bent flat...

So I bought my own machine, lol…

I think I posted this story elsewhere, can’t remember… long story short:

The builder I had been going to said he had an old machine in the back he’d sell me. He wasn’t a fan of bending a different set of clubs for me each week I guess…

So, for $250 I got the machine, the stand, and the bar: Super deal. I also picked up a vintage swing weight scale for $30.00.

Send me your gear! I’ll bend it for you without all the “What are you stupid” “That’s insane” “You’ll never be able to hit those” comments thrown in, I promise!! :smiley:

Good job on that one…!

You’ll have fun messing around with it… and getting things to set right to your eye, not someone else’s. I figured out how to remove offset from
the heads which really opened things up for me are far as what I prefer to play. I can now custom shape not just the loft and lie, but also face progression
and how they sit.

It’s a great tool to have!

Your bending machine looks like an older version of the one I have from Scotland Golf…but didn’t quickly see their name on the machine. I love mine and hope you have a lot of fun with it!


Can you please expand on the offset issue you are referring too. When I had my irons bent, I was told that doing this increased the offset in the clubs (this question among the why? and other bothersome questions asked) Is this true? Is there a way to compensate for this?

Sorry pinzer for the threadjack, or if this has been discussed before.