Huge Hogan Iron Lot!!!

Fellow collectors and Hogan admirers!!!

Here is an amazing opportunity!! I just picked up a lot of 500+ Hogan Irons, some are sets and most are singles…

I personally collect Hogan Blade 2 Irons and have plucked the ones I wanted from this lot however, there are many, many clubs remaining!!

I am planning to do the ebay thing soon but would be happy to look for singles or sets for anyone that puts a request in. Various conditions. Looking for $10 - $50 for singles based on age, condition and rarity. Sets based somewhat the same but less overall…

I know there are some (quantities and actual clubs unsure just yet) of the following;
1957 Precision
1958 Starburst
1960 - 62 Power Thrust
1963 IPT
1964 PT3
1967 Percussion (PC5)
Bounce Soles, Round Soles, Apex & Apex 2, Medallions, Directors, Radials, Magnums, Sabers, Producers, Leaders, Apex PC, Apex Redline, Edge, Edge Forged, Edge GS, Edge GCD, Decades, Grinds.

If interested and serious, send me what you are looking for and I will start digging! First come, first served. If condition matters, please qualify.

Thanks! - CC

would love the precisions or starbursts, the best looking iron of all time, imo.

What years are the Directors?

Any left handed clubs or sets?